Wow, so apparently as you clear infestations...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Felio, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

    Apparently as you clear infestations in Breakdown but don't visit Mt. Tanner, they sort of spawn and collect there. This was after I cleared one at the Industrial Supply Store, where you find the blue pickup, and I went to the water tower for a look around.

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  2. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

    Yeah I spend a lot of time asking Lily 'WHAT INFESTATIONS?!?!" when she keeps telling me over the radio to "Be careful, there's a lot of infestations out there".

    Mt. Tanner is a cesspool of zed nastiness if you don't visit there regularly... even when I spawn at the top of the map in Breakdown I never cross that bridge.
  3. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    At higher levels of breakbown there is a real good chance the truck wont be there, very seldom do I ever spend time at Mount Tanner
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  4. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    Mt. Tanner is a no-no zone for Breakdown unless the RV spawns there.
    Any enclave unlucky enough to spawn there, sorry guys, you are on your own.
  5. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

    This was taken at level 1, and the truck wasn't there. I had hoped it would be parked next to the bridge, where it goes after the cutscene in story mode. It would have been a nice touch. But it wasn't at the supply store either.

    True story: My first time playing, I drove careening off the bridge and into the river.
  6. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    True story: It was my third play-through before I learned that you don't *have* to jump the bridge and that you can climb up the other side on foot. :oops: But, that was what brought me here to the forums all those years ago. :)
  7. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    And I'm glad it did :)
  8. Alan Gunderson

    Alan Gunderson Here To Help

    I make sure to loot all the buildings on Mt. Tanner every playthrough. This way I can see which buildings are removed off the map when they become an infestation.

    As long as no more enclaves spawn (and you have looted it beforehand) you can avoid any infestations spawning up there entirely.
  9. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

    I think I would prefer just letting it keep a bunch up there and out of the way. Keeps more from spawning in areas you care about.
  10. Dynamite

    Dynamite Here To Help

    Just pick up a friendly enclave and you'll have a full zombie killing team. Use Ray to bring in a vehicle and set up in the warehouse by the bridge.
  11. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help

    It is one of reason why i main Eric Tan and stockpile his artillery marker just to Exterminatus the entire Mt. Tanner.
  12. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    Mt. Tanner = Ravenholm

    We don't go there anymore.
  13. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

    There IS an RV spawn up there, isn't there! I've never actually spawned up there in BD but now that you mention it, there's a spot in the ranger station parking lot that comes up as a 'home site' for the RV when you survey IIRC.
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  14. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Famous

    My first ever play through of the Story, I jumped that bridge with the truck. Over 10 games later, I have yet to repeat it:)
  15. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    yes, there is a spawn spot for the RV over there, near the ranger station and the water tank you use for recon in story mode.

    Has anyone ever had a CLEO drop up there?....that's one thing I'm sure I never got
  16. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    Nope never seen one that far north, but there is a empty one in the fenced area at the warehouse :)
  17. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    Mt. Tanner is also the home of the gate to hell cabin.

    @Erudain No CLEO weapon is with that trip.
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  18. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

    Which cabin is that, and why is it a gate to hell?
  19. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

  20. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Yep, I've seen the hellmouth. It can be fun using it for early leveling, as long as you know how to get away...
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