WW1 Trench Roleplay (1915-1918) Roleplay fourm/chat.

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  1. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    (This is created by Dominus not me, I will not be Monitoring it I am just posting it on his behalf :D)

    Greetings all.
    Im new to making chats and forums, so dont bash me about it (Please_
    this is set in WW1, otherwise known as "The great war". For those of you who dont know, it was a war of terrible loss, based around trench warfare, chemical warfare, and bombs...LOTS of bombs. THIS IS NOT A GLORIFICATION OF THE WAR! i want people to be as gruesome as they feel need to. IF YOUR CHARACTER DIES! You can make a new one, or have multiple characters, even ones in teh same role, squad, or faction. you can be from different countries,a dn still be in the same area as everyone else. You CANNOT IMMEDIATELY KILL OF OTHER PEOPLES CHARACTERS! You can kill side characters (NPC), but dont be a dick about it.

    Faction: (german, canadian, Ottoman, british, etc.)
    Role: (machine Guneer, rifleman, spotter, airman, Etc.)
    Rank: (Lieutenant, Officer, captian, Etc)
    Weapons: Im counting on you guys to search up some WW1 weapons.)
    Desc: Abilities from past experiences, skills, disadvantages, Etc.)
    Pictures that are supposed to be your character are prefered over you describing your apperance in teh Desc.
  2. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    Name: Mark Kurtz
    Faction: Imperial German Empire/Deutsches Heer
    Role: Rifleman.
    Rank: Gefreiter (Lance Corporal)
    Weapons: Mauser Gewehr 98, 7.92 mm
    Picture: [​IMG]
  3. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    Mark Kurtz

    Mark sat in the muck,
    He was Cold, Tired, Ill and Hurt, but in this war you had to deal with it.
    There had not been any medical supply's for A month now, and all the Doctors had been killed.
    All the injured had left was hope... Sadly that was at A limited supply as well.

    Mark coughed into A dirty, Blood ridden rag,
    he didn't dare to drink the parasite ridden water, as it would be deemed traitorous for wasting water on the dead...
    He hated the war, He wanted it to be over, That is why he fought hard, So it would all be over...
  4. Wickednewb

    Wickednewb Starting Off

    Trench warfare! Captivating Advanced Combat Technique!
  5. scarface4467

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    Name: Logan
    Faction: Canadian
    Role: rifleman
    Rank: captain
    Weapons: M1911, Ross Rifle
    Desc: He has been in service since 1883 (35 years of age). He saved many Canadian lives and had many successful missions.
  6. jackstack

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    Name: Jared Rollons
    Faction: American (Didn't know what year this is taking place so, I guessed some time in 1917)
    Role: Commander of E company.
    Rank: Major
    Weapons: 1911 pistole, and springfield 1903.
    Desc: He commanded E company through the battle of Belleau Wood, and battle of Hamel (both being allied victories).
  7. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    Name: Selman Kartal
    Faction: Ottoman Empire
    Role: Commander
    Rank: Commanding Officer of the Eastern Army
    Weapons: Mauser 1903 and Browning M1903
    Desc: The newly appointed Commander of the Ottoman 3rd Army, Selman Kartal is currently the newly appointed Leader of the Ottoman Army in the Caucus.

    Before the First world war, he was sympathetic to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire who was disposed of in 1907, by the CUP. Now the Commander has an entire army under his grasp, if he can destroy the Russian Menace in the Caucus, and put up a stable front, he will attempt to place forth a successful coup, against the current leaders of the Ottoman Empire, and effectively pull the Empire out of this disastrous war.


    The man in the Center.​
  8. (Thanks Again, Kjolly, awesome of you to do this)
    name:Charles Kernist
    Faction:Canadian Army/Milita
    Role:Grenaider, Officer. (He goes with his men to attack trenches)
    Rank:Overseeing officer (Leader of all teh canadian soldiers in this area (This is what i was in teh forum i TRIED to make.)
    Weapons:Lee Metford rifle (With Bayonet). 4 Mills Bombs, Webley revolver.
    desc:War hardened officer, with roots going back since 1880, commanding many men through viscious battles, gaining a 3 oak leaf purple heart (For 3 combat injuries) and a silver star.
    Picture HEAH!-----> ww1 roleplay.jpg
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  9. The trenches were muddy,and brutal, and teh rain made everything worse. the smell of decomposing friends filled my nostrils, carrying my Lee Metford rifle with me to the forward trench. another officer stopped me, a cut cascading blood down his face.
    "Send teh order to attack teh german forward trench. remind them to bring their gas masks, it might get bad."
    I resented, but agreed, i ran to teh forward trench, and started yelling out to prepare to attack. men passed the news down the line, until everybody was lined on the firestep, other men behind those ones.
    "Does everybody have their gas masks!"
    the men agreed readily.
    "Prepare your rifles, we are going over the top in 2 minutes! deserters of the attack will be shot!"
    The men acknowledged. the rain poured harder and harder, and teh germans started shelling us, some mortars landing far into other bits of trenches, instantly murdering the men around the bomb.
    the mortars kept going, now men started to have mud kick onto their face, they were so close.
    I blew my officers whistle, and teh men scrambled over teh top, many of them falling before they got to their senses. i followed them out, bolting as fast as i could, while mortars fell around us, and german machine guns clanked and crashed as they fired.
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  10. FTcivic

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    Selman Pasha

    There was a long pause. The enemy artillary was quiet. The Russians wouldn't be making any more attacks tonight. Not until they had recieved fresh troops and more supplies. He of course, didn't have the same resources, or time to wait. The enemy most probably had dug into the snow, and had hidden.

    What to do? How can I destroy an enemy that has such vast reserves of weaponry, men, and winter clothing? Half my men don't even have the seasonal wear. They are freezing....

    The Russians could run back to there forts and wait out the winter.....

    The Russians could run back.....

    Russians running back?


    A smile lit across Selman's face. That was the key. To force the Russians to another last defeat, one more defensive victory, and the Russians would have to reatreat. Using this, if he stayed in hot pursuit, and managed to hold the Russian forces at a choke point, and replace them. He could capture the entire enemy Fortress, and use it to destroy any coming reinforcements. That would be the key to winning the war on this front. Now, it was time for one last defensive. The Russians would never again come down to harass them, ever again.

    He looked down upon the war plans. And scrapped them.

    "Now it is us, who shall take the fight to them. If God almighty wills it, then it can be done." He sat down and ordered his company Commanders to the Commanding Tent, they had a long night ahead of them.
  11. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    Mark Kurtz

    The sound of shouting arose from outside of his bunker,
    He could not work out what they were saying at first,

    But he began to get A idea when the Screetch of Canadian Whistles began filling his ear drums,

    After the whistles had stopped and the gunfire began the wounded in the bunker began talking,
    The talking was interuppted by the entering of one of the trenches remaining officers.
    "Wer gilt als gut genug, um zu kämpfen wird ein Gewehr zu sammeln und bereiten eine Verteidigung."

    Nearly all refused to volunteer including mark himself,
    "Sehr gut ... Lesen Sie sie und senden Sie sie Soldat"
    He said to his surrounding soldiers,
    They then dived between the injured,
    6 where picked, this included Mark.
  12. FTcivic

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    (Kjolly, can you post where you are fighting? Like I am in the Caucus leading an entire Army. The events happening here are right after the Bergman Offensive. We can change the course of the war, right?)
  13. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    (Ask Dom not me and I dont know much on WW1 geography, Can you recommend A place for me?)
  14. FTcivic

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    (Sure! What year does this RP start in? If it is 1915, then you are most probably in Egypt if you are Australian or from New Zealand, and will ship out to fight in Gallipoli, it is a pretty bad defeat for the Allies, and forces Bulgaria to join the war on the Central Allies side. The Ottomans remain as a potential fighting force. If you'd like you can make a new character and come on over to the Caucasian front. And help me fight a war there, I'll help you out, and give you short lessons about the Eastern Front of the war, if you'd like. I only really know about the Eastern Side of the war, other than Verdun and Some I don't know much about the Western Battlefield other than Germany going though Belgium and attacking the French. Later this the Russians were defeated both on the Front lines, and at home Civil War broke out between Imperial Russia and Communist Revolutionaries snuck in by Germany to incite civil war, and pull Russia out of the war.)
  15. Kjolly99

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    (I will just say I am in your trench with you, Hehe..."
  16. FTcivic

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    (That works! The Ottoman Empire and Germany were allied, Germany sent in many advisers and soldiers to bolster the fighting force of the Ottoman Empire, nearly 20,000 men were sent. Perhaps a little more? 23k seems about right. But yea. That works fine! You might want to come to the Commanding tent, as I shall be giving orders for the next phase of action.) ​
  17. jackstack

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    (I didn't know the time period so, I stuck with somewhere around 1918)
  18. Kjolly99

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    (Come get me from the medical bunker FT)
  19. (i was THINKING 1915-1916 to start, but i realized people will want to have alot of options and statements about time periods, so we can alter history behind our keyboards to have teh offensives happen at any time needed. i predicted that teh canadians (where i am) were fighting the germans in a generic passchendale kind of area. (Search up "Verdun flanders" for a good idea of what im talking about on google images. you can do other people could be around different parts of teh world, and could effect teh basis of the roleplay)
    Charles kernist
    Men were falling to german fire faster than i thought, and some men stopped, hiding in shellholes and ditches. i kept running with teh few that remained until i almost took a bullet to the head, making me stumble into a pothole. teh remaining men that were walking were cut mdown my machine guns.
    "HOLD HERE! GO OUT AND YOU'LL DIE!" i screamed to my men over the machine guns and firing.
    i heard germans yelling, then i heard teh dropping of long handeled german grenades. some got into ditches and obliterated the men in them, others landing short.
    "Goddamn krauts" i thought in anger. teh rain was heavy now, getting into my eyes. i realized something, and taht was that most of teh germans didn't understand English, so i could still bark orders to my men.
    My men did so, chucking mills bombs and dashing out. many died, but some, like myself, ran into a column of trench filled with dead germans from teh mills bomb. i kept 2 of my grenades, and made my way along the german forward trench with 2 other men, killing 2 germans on teh way to the middle, where we were ordered to group up when infiltrating a trench
  20. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    Selman Pasha

    The majority of the Commanding officers had assembled, one of them was missing. "Where is the new transfer from the German Western Front?" The officers exchanged looks. "He was wounded earlier today, Sir." Selman remained silent. "Go send for him, I would like to hear what he has to say on our defensive pattern."

    One of the Officers shook his head, and departed for the Medical area.

    (Kjolly, The part below is the man that is coming to get you.)

    Private Mehmet
    He had been given an order to go get the German Advisor over to the Commanding quarters. He ran through the various troops, his eyes locking onto the new forces that had come from the Sinai a couple days ago, some from Iraq, and even men from Istanbul. How he knew all this? Simple really. The Ottoman Army simply didn't have the power to give out appropriate uniforms.

    He ran into the Medical tent, many of the troops were having problems with the frost. It was a sad situation, he remembered the war in 1897 against the Greeks. Things had been so much better, so much more efficient. They had far better equipment. Had they done the right thing? Disposing of the Sultan? Now they were left with fools for leaders. Commander Selman was a rare case. He knew the war, and how to fight it. He knew what had to be done...

    He saw the German Officer. "Sir! I do realize that you are coming from the Western Front, are tired and in need of rest! But Commander Selman would like to meet you! It is of utmost importance! Cok Onemli!" Turkish cracked through at the end, his German still wasn't refined.​
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