WW1 Trench Roleplay (1915-1918) Roleplay fourm/chat.

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    (im to busy to read whats happened?)
  2. Bob Crees

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    Thomas Atkins

    Gloucestershire Regiment - British Army (The Regiment depends on which 'theater of war' we decide on).
    .303 Lee Enfield Rifle and Parker Hale sight


    I felt someone pulling on my boots, that were sticking out of the dugout. Damn is it that time already. Struggled out of the dug out and stood up in the main trench. My sleep had be disturbed by Bob, who handed me a nice cup of tea and a luke warm bacon sandwich. Bob was a Private, but when there were no officers around, we in the Sniper Section used first names. "Cheers Bob, was not too cold last night". "Nope Tommy, better get that down you quick, still a couple of hours till first light and we have to get moving soon".

    Bob was right, it going to be a long day ahead of us. We were going out to one of our forward Sniper Positions and it could take as long as 90 minutes to get there, every inch of ground covered on our bellies. Finishing off the sandwich quickly, I had time for two cigarettes, whilst I drank my tea. Then unwrapping my beloved rifle from the blanked I kept it in, we checked that we had ammunition and that nothing was shining on our equipment. We both jumped up and down a few times, this was not to get warm, but to check for anything that make a noise.

    Once we were both satisfied with each other, then I lead the way over the lip of the trench, towards a known break in our barbed wire. We had about 75 yards to travel to get to our Snipers position, but ever sound caused us to stop and listen.

    I had no idea what the day would bring, but I would love to locate and kill that Enemy Sniper that took out the young 2nd Lt of 2 Platoon two days ago. Poor lad had only been with us for 3 days, when he looked over the sandbags and got it between the eyes. Damn that sniper was good, Lt Cameron was dead within a second of looking into No Mans Land.
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  3. (MAN! we need somebody to go German, im so lonely ):
    Charles Kernist
    My men run through the trench, eradicating the Germans inside. we finish off wounded, and bag up our own.
    "Prepare defenses at the back wall! they will have the Kraut rushing at us from they're secondary trench!"
    The Germans purposefully made a weak back wall, to pick our men off easy, and you could tell they pre-sighted mortars, we were immediately shelled, almost exact mortars killing my men.
    We run back across the muddy and shelled no-mans land, tripping over bodies slowing our retreat, letting their pre-sighted rounds kill off some Germans advances.

    out of 200 men attacking teh forward trench, 125 make it back to the Canadian forward trench.
  4. (The ottomans got a transfer from the western front to advise battle plans, the Canadians retreated from a push, losing many men, and gaining 0 ground. that's about it. you should go German, bro.)
  5. CJH1299

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    Name: Paul Hartmann
    Faction: German Army
    Role: Heckenschutze
    Rank: Korporal
    Weapon: Mauser Gewehr 98
    Desc: Paul was given many accolades for his marksmanship, though deep down he hates killing. He has see death up close, as he killed a British soldier in hand to hand combat. He suffers from mild bouts of hysterical blindness/dementia.
  6. (Did this dideded?)
  7. Bob Crees

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    The crawl to our forward Snipers position was torturous, every shell hole was filled with water and whatever that was hiding, so we had to keep to the lips of the shell craters; which in turn meant that we could not go in a straight line. Suddenly a white flare went up from the enemy's trenches; which made us freeze in our crawling. Those things light up the dark night like day. White flares are okay, its when you see 3 red ones go up together, as that's the enemies signal to open an artillery bombardment and being out in No Mans Land, we would have been caught in it.

    When the flare dies down, we continues our progress. I was cradling my rifle in my left arm; to keep it out of the mud and had my right arm ahead of me, so I could feel the way, it was still too dark to really see very well. Suddenly my right hand touched a boot. Damn that gave me a start, as we knew that there should been now one else out in No Mans Land, unless it was the enemy. A quick finger tip touch, counted 13 hobnails and from that I knew it was a British boot. Feeling further up it, I was saddened to find that the boot was still attached to a leg and then that the leg was attached to a body. There was no sign of any decomposition, so I guessed that this might have been the body of one of three soldiers missing from a Trench Raid the other night. A quick search of the dead mans pockets, revealed nothing, as people on Trench Raids, left all personal possessions behind, however I did remove one of his two leather dog tags, so he could be identified. Being only about 50 yards from our Front Line Trench, then maybe a party could be send out to recover the body, if not then at least his Family will have some closer as he will no longer be classed as Missing, but Killed in Action.

    Over to our right, we just heard the sound of metal on metal and having been briefed that there were no friendly wiring or patrols out, we knew it had to be the enemy. "Shit" whispered Bob, as one of our .303 Vickers Machine Guns started to fire towards the sound. "Fuck it, Fuck it" was my response, "Quick into this hole". Within seconds the whole front started firing blindly at each other and all me and Bob could do was slide down in this shell crater, feeling the filthy water creeping up to our waists.
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    "Corp I'm sliding into this bloody water" gasps Bob. Grabbing his collar and pulling him up a foot "Dig your elbows into the mud you knuckle head" I whisper. As soon as it had started the 'Mad Minute' of shooting from both sides stopped. Counting out 600 seconds; just in case, I tap Bob on the arm "Come on lets go".

    The rest of the crawl towards our 'Snipers Hide' was uneventful. It was situated in a bigger crater than normal. This had been caused by our Sappers blowing a small charge underneath an enemy mining tunnel. It was good as when the counter charge went off, most of the rubble came back into the hole, which made the bottom of this crater dry. It also caused a 'high lip' around the crater, giving us some protection from 'eagle eyed' enemy.

    Having lost the toss of the coin; a 1912 dated Penny, I took the first watch, whilst Bob relaxed in the bottom of the crater. We had 3 viewing / shooting spots, one directly ahead and one each side at about a 45 degree angle. Our main aim of this day, was to locate that bloody Enemy Sniper, that had been causing havoc in our lines.

    As the sun started to rise, I settled down to observe the enemies front line trenches; which were about 200 yards away. This was a good distance for us, as all the Regiments Snipers were trained to put 10 rounds of .303 into a 1" group at this range.
  9. Charles Kernist
    I jump back into my trench, 6 me joining me.
    we turn around with our rifles, and try to pick off german advances.
    The germans scream at us, running with bayonets forward. we slow them, machine guns mowing them down.
    in the end, when everybody retreated back to their trench, 250+ men died.
    in the span of 5 hours.
  10. Name: Adalard Schmidt
    Faction: Deutsches Heer
    Role: Rifleman
    Rank: Gefreiter
    Weapons: Gewehr 98, 7.92mm
    Desc: Was Born in Berlin, Germany.
    He was a natural hunter as he moved somewhere in near the Ardennes,
    his father took him hunting for deer and foxes.
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    @Leb0ss - Welcome to the Forums:) - Unfortunately this Role Play never got off the ground:(
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  12. Adalard sat on a free chair,
    He was cold, tired, and disgusted, but in this war you had to deal with it.
    There had been some medical supply's for A month now, and most the Doctors had been disease.
    All the injured had left was hope...or death.. Sadly that was at a limited supply as well.

    Adalard checked into No Mans Land.
    He looked at some of the rats, killing them and throwing them into no mans land.
    He hated the war, But he wanted Germany to win, That is why he fought hard, So it would all be over...
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  13. His Regiment's Commanding Officer Raised his sword has he spotted them reloading,
    "CHARGE!!" The Officer yelled, the entire infantry Regiment climbed into No Mans Land to fight,
    So did the opposing side, they charged as well, "Gott mit uns!" The regiment yelled, Adalard bayonet charged a British soldier,
    others were firing various weapons, stealing other weapons if they ran out. Adalard fired is Gewehr, killing about 4 soldiers.

    After a long battle, his Regiment won, suffering many casualties from shelling and sniping, most lost limbs,
    other died from disease, we won, and Adalard was happy, ready for the German success as well. He was also ready
    for a German offensive aswell.
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    @Leb0ss hey buddy, welcome.

    Er...This one has been dead for quite a while.....

    You might not be able to play a proper game...
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  15. Oof, you're right
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