Xbox 360 Solocast Interview

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

  2. Yay! Thank you, this answered a lot of my questions :D
  3. I liked your voice. Interesting interview. Shame that PAX is still sooo far away.
  4. Your voice is completely fine. Answered many questions thank you.

    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    We all hate our voices sometimes but yours is fine. And more important, it carried some great info with it. Can't wait to hear more and hopefully see more of the game.

    ADAMANTIUM Got Your Back

    My 8yr old was asking what I was listening to while making dinner.
    I said zombie video game stuff. He replied "dork"! Mom listens to murder mysteries.
    And your voice is very accepted and goes well with dinner.
  7. First off your voice sounds great! second i think its becoming pretty obvious that alot of information and somthing big is coming at PAX.
  8. Awesome interview Sanya!
    Voice perfectly fine!

    Can't wait for PAX
  9. I've been waiting for you to pop onto a podcast for a while. Thanks for being brave enough to foray back into the audio world!
  10. Good interview. So you can switch characters, like sims kinda? Thats different, but in a good way!
  11. Seth

    Seth Starting Off

    i can't download it , it won't let me is their ANY other way i can watch/listen to it?
  12. Hit the play button :p. It should stream the audio for ya
  13. Seth

    Seth Starting Off

    what play button it only says click here to download the interview
  14. Seth

    Seth Starting Off

    lol nvm i finnaly found it srry i didn't see to anxious to just listen to it and the highlighted download link stole all my attention
  15. Seth

    Seth Starting Off

    yes i listened to it and the most important connection i can make is
    Labor day = PAX = class 3 demo = zombie killing goodness
  16. Good interview.

  17. Good interview!

    and i guess we DONT get to make a character.
    We get to use/choose between 3!
  18. So we get a demo at a later date
  19. I agree with the other posters, your voice sounds beautiful! :D And great output of info~
  20. Th3 Und3ad Tac0

    Th3 Und3ad Tac0 Starting Off

    Sanya, You have a beautiful voice! Great interview! I cant wait!
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