Xbox 360 Solocast Interview

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  1. Bturn

    Bturn Starting Off

    It is a really good interview and I'm excited for PAX Prime! Is there going to be any TV Networks broadcasting it?
  2. there is some translation in other languages​​??
    not because I'm Italian
  4. this keeps exceeding my expectations the more i hear about it.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Like you, I've been a fan of the game for some time. Sanya was nice enough to sit down with me to discuss the information that she's allowed to talk about -- there was more that she couldn't answer that I edited out.

    For those asking, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or simply listen to it on the site she posted. Hopefully next time I can get the audio to sound a little better -- that was my fault. :mad:
  6. Lilbuffalo

    Lilbuffalo Starting Off

    thanks that answered alot of questions!
  7. Awesome interview, and Sanya nothing is wrong with your voice it's perfectly fine.
  8. NiteFox11

    NiteFox11 Starting Off

    I really do hope you guys make one once a month, lol.
  9. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Thanks for the kind words, you guys. I totally wasn't fishing, but I still appreciate it. :eek:
  10. M >>>

    M >>> Got Your Back

    Fleshing out the Game....

    My thanks to Sanya and Sm1tty Sm1t for the conversation about Class 3.

    Sm1tty is our stand-in for all of the players-in-waiting and it's great to have an interviewer who is also a fan.

    It may be that we can be our own harshest critics. I'm glad to note the players audience doesn't share your blunt assessment of your performance and voice Sanya. You're enthusiastic about the developing game and that comes across clearly.

    It's remarkable how much can be covered in conversation so quickly compared to a written post. Having the burden of having top secret areas that one can't discuss is tough. If you really feel that you were rambling, may I suggest an outline of topics you do want to mention ----and then have another section with the list of TOP SECRET /No Comment things that you can't disclose at this time.

    "Stay Tuned"

    I'm sure everyone on the Forum is looking forward to when we hear these golden words....

    "Now Available on Gore splattered Xbox's and PC's near YOU !"
  11. Sanya you have a great voice and it was a great interview. I need to know the name now though.As in right now at this very second. And if you won't give it up then the only other option is to build a time machine and go to the future to PAX. Anybody want to help me with this? Although come to think of it...Why go to PAX when I can just go to release date,buy the game,and bring it back to today.That way everyone else is jealous.
  12. Red Zed: Redemption

    Yeah I know. I built the time machine first and overheard Sanya revealing the name of the game.

    You are now jealous :p
  13. Wicked interview sanya
    My god you have an amazing voice !
    I want to be at pax to see the demo :(
  14. I'm not sure if I'm jealous if the name is Red Zed Redemption haha.
  15. I can't wait fir some more stuff on class 3! Hopefully ill be able to lsiten to it from my blackberry today or whenever its released! :D
  16. Cargot35

    Cargot35 Starting Off

    Wonderfully done Sanya!
  17. Sorry I'm not american so I don't know what PAX prime is? What is it? is it like E3?
  18. Yeah kinda just bigger and better and it's not just open to the media .
  19. Pretty awesome. Can't wait to see how PAX turns out.
  20. oh the joys of gaming lol I hope that this games worth the hype ive seen games come and fall to many times but a zombie game to these proportions might be just the jolt other companies need to compete. So good luck and great info hope to hear more :) KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!
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