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  1. OldDogF14

    OldDogF14 Here To Help

    You want a joke about Chicago firefighters? Fine.

    Back in, oh, 1985, I was home on leave and went to visit my older brother, who was a Paramedic/Officer in the CFD. At the time, he was posted to Station 98, which is the building on Chicago Ave. immediately east of the Water Tower complex and immediately south of the Water Tower Place. Curiously enough, when we were both little, our family lived in one of the apartment buildings a block to the east, and the firefighters of the mid-1960s used to let us hang out at the station and play on the fire engine.

    Now, when I went to see my brother, Streets & Sanitation had just replaced part of the sidewalk in front of the fire house. So, the boys and girls of the CFD being, well, the boys and girls of the CFD, they had defiled one of the walkway tiles. And by "defiled," I mean turned into a work of art.

    My brother pretty much immediately showed me that part of the sidewalk, and it really was gorgeous. Whoever had done it really had an artistic flair. Down both sides and across the bottom were carved fleur-de-lis and intricate ivies, surmounted at the top by angels blowing trumpets and flanking the CFD emblem and a fire helmet. Below that, in large flowing script, the words "IN LOVING MEMORY:" had been carved into the cement. Below that, on the left side, were the words "First Platoon, Engine Co. 98," beneath which were the names and ranks of the firefighters. On the right were the words "Second Platoon, Ambulance Co. 11," below which were my brother's rank and name and his partner's.

    Pride beaming from his face, my brother asked me, "Well, what do you think?" And all I could say was, "Very nice. Beautiful, even. Of course, it makes it look like you all died in a fire, but . . ."

    Apparently, that was an interpretation of their handiwork that had never occured to them.
  2. Genious

    Genious Here To Help

    Ha, that's a pretty cool story! And thank your bro for me for being a firefighter. :)
  3. OldDogF14

    OldDogF14 Here To Help

    Oh, trust me, I've got a million CFD jokes, most of them at my brother's expense.

    For example, whenever he had a non-English-speaker in the back of the ambulance, he would try to say something to them in their native tongue to try to comfort them. Whether or not, mind you, he could actually speak the language in question which, as one would expect, would have a high probability of backfiring horribly.

    Anyway, one day, shortly after I was done with my active service and had transitioned to flying a jet one weekend a month and two weeks a year in the Reserves for Uncle Sugar, out of the blue my brother asked me if I knew what the phrase "sin lao" meant. Knowing of his habit of babbling things he didnt understand to people in the middle of one of the worst moments in their lives, the hair on the back of my neck began to stand on end as I allowed that yes, I did in fact know what it meant.

    When I enquired as to why he was asking, my brother told me a story about an elderly Vietnamese gentlemen he'd had to transport to Northwestern Memorial who was having a heart attack. The gentleman did not speak English, so my brother went into his "say something in their language mode." Unfortunately, the only Vietnamese phrase he knew of was that one . . . which he kept repeating throughout the transport as he patted the old man on the shoulder. Not understanding what the phrase meant, he also couldn't understand why his patient seemed to get agitated every time he said it.

    As gently as I could, I explained to my brother that the most family-friendly translation of "sin lao" would be "tough shit," and that it was no wonder the old man having a heart attack freaked out every time my brother said it . . . So, yeah, no good deed ever goes unpunished.
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  4. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    The only "jokes" I know are now considered to be "racial insults" so I cant share any of them here.
  5. Genious

    Genious Here To Help

    (face palm) Reminds me of a high school friend who told me of a prank a friend of hers played on a cousin-- "Hi" in Japanese that was actually a male anatomy part, so the cousin ran up to people screaming about dongs for almost a week... XD

    Anyway, yeah, I imagine that old man was thinking of ways he'd punch your bro out if he survived the heart attack. XD
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  6. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Open Mouth, Insert Foot
  7. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    Crossbow Challenge?
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  8. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Yes Please!!! Take My Money!
    Would love to see that on consoles. Jeez, that's so nice even if it is still a gun that is merely skinned to look like a crossbow. Im sold. DLC anyone?
  9. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    The June Community Challenge is back for more Ammo Drop.
    Even if you already got it, please help out to help those who missed it also enjoy the benefits.
    I helped last year and still somehow missed out on it, so trying this time to nail it.
    plus the requirement of shooting 1 million zeds has been dropped to shooting 500,000 zeds. we can do that!

    No I in team, lets pull together and win this!
  10. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    *Loads guns in Captain Price's voice from Modern Warfare* "Let's do this!"
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  11. Shatznr

    Shatznr Here To Help

    Remind us again - what is the challenge? I be live this is one that I did not get myself so this one I will totally be after.
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  12. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    As a community, kill 50 million zeds with firearms by the end of June.

    for the Hunting Season challenge, you shoot 200 zeds with firearms for a unique weapon you can call into your locker from the radio call.

    this is only for YOSE on xbox1.
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  13. Lifeline is the best opportunity to get this challenge done!!! You have plenty I ammo...just head to a danger zooooooone and shoot!!
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  14. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    Preferably the grenade launcher and just spray n pray you don't die.
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  15. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    There needs to be a series of challenges from launch for sod2.
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  16. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    In fact every month should have a community challenge and two solo challenges. Also a system of stats like overall zombie kills, deaths, recruitments, etc
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  17. Hendo003

    Hendo003 Here To Help

    I am definitely down with that.
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  18. What happen with the september community challenge like the year past???
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  19. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Blame Microsoft, they shut it down.

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  20. To bad thats the only challenge that i do not have bad lucky for me...
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