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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Nicole, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Well you go to the UndeadLabs club and request an invite. And then I send one to you. :) I don't think I can send invites to people who aren't friends unfortunately. If you're on your PC, you can go to this link and request -
  2. Zamasu

    Zamasu Here To Help

    DarthLeeNiX, is my gamertag.
  3. Awesomer5000

    Awesomer5000 Starting Off

    GT: DefiantDragon2
  4. lance owens

    lance owens Got Your Back

  5. Terrafutan

    Terrafutan Got Your Back

    GT: Terrafutan

    Invite request sent.
  6. If you're looking for a good Driver and RoofParking master for can add me : MonPrinCyCLoPe
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  7. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    With the potential physics changes, you can't guarantee that MonPrinCyCLoPe! You may need to relearn everything you know :eek:
  8. I'll tell you a secret...don't tell anybody, okay? I already have the RoofParking Recipe!! Few changes may be applicable...that's all... Hihihi
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  9. shinigami

    shinigami Got Your Back

    XBL: shinigami ;)
  10. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue Got Your Back

    Mad King Billy
  11. Rooney

    Rooney Got Your Back

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  12. ManElegant

    ManElegant Got Your Back

  13. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    I sent you a friend request. :)
  14. xTEKNIKLx

    xTEKNIKLx Starting Off

    Me: xTEKNIKLx

    My son: xTHEGAMERBOY07x

    Please add both :D:cool:
  15. altcon

    altcon Starting Off

  16. altcon

    altcon Starting Off

    Don't you have a script that updates this club thing ? Or do you seriously manually check this stuff ? " ...times running short..."
  17. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Yipee my Xbox gamer tag is:
    Geezlouise44 :p

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