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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by dude1234, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. Extra small, full featured xml compiler. Written in pure C.
    Usage: xml2bmd <valide xml>
    If an error occurs, open problematic xml in internet browser, and re-save.
    Re-uploading on another sharing service is encouraged or file will die.

    I wish, but I cannot public source of hash32() procedure due to proprietary nature of BMD format:(
    If Devs do not mind, I will.

    -first stable version
    -all error checks rewritten using SEH. Still contains UL's hash procedure in binary form
    -UL's hash procedure in assembler fully analysed, understood and "reverse developed" in C with modifications
    -first public release
    -"ntdll" error fix

    md5-hash of executable is 310a6348bcc1765d76436a9181ba6765
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  2. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Could be brilliant, could be a trap :)

    If it is brilliant - thanks, mate, that's precisely what I've been on about but didn't have the skill in C to do! [Insert raucous party here]

    If it's a trap - make up some unpleasant words and say them to yourself in the mirror 7 times with the lights off, standing in a puddle of very cold water, holding an electric eel.
  3. Look at size, mate. Malware CAN NOT fit inside. EVERY byte of code is effective and I am proud of it

    Download fast, it is possible that they ban me for "reverse-developing" wahaha
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  4. smashly

    smashly Starting Off

    Dude you ROCK!!!!!
    damn sweet.
    Thank You :)

    Edited xml, added what I wanted, XML2BMD and presto :D
    Instant 5 star thread for me.
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  5. grimreefer24601

    grimreefer24601 Starting Off

    Nice work. I guess I don't have to mess with my editor anymore. I was working on a straight compiler version, but you beat me to it.

    As per the unknown DWORD you asked about in the editor thread, no, I haven't figured out what it does. I assumed it was a hash of the file name or root node or something. If you figured out the hash for the attributes I would have thought it would be similar.
  6. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Brilliant it is!

    Thank you OP, and thank you everyone else in this thread that built useful things - team effort!
  7. Paton

    Paton Starting Off


    Great Effort guys.
    What are future plans for this editor?
    Also, are you able to add Instructions for use in a more detailed way?

    A gui to edit traits and all that is all we need :p

    It works for me by -

    Edit the XML file (in this case "Characters.xml")
    Names is all I changed, there seem to be no difference to traits I had changed

    Drag Characters.XML onto XML2BMD.exe and you're done

    Running the game after this BSODs my computer though...
    So I'll stick with Smashlys GUI for now....
    Payton is close enough to Paton I suppose :p
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  8. DutchMike

    DutchMike Starting Off

    Oh my gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my friggin godddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell me this is heaven ?!?!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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  9. smashly

    smashly Starting Off

    You'd be crazy to go back to SODC, you'd be missing out on the best tool to date for SOD modding by doing so.
    How's this name for you. even forced Agile and Strong trait progression bars...lol
    XML2BMD_Rocks1.jpg XML2BMD_Rocks2.jpg
    You can actually customize traits, not just per character, but globally for all characters.
    I added sub trait to Trait.Job.Clerk (normally no sub trait) to have the sub trait as Trait.Expertise.Everything.

    If I was to release something like SODC (easy customization) then it would need to be fully re-written because I'd definitely be using XML2BMD to do the dirty work.
    But really people that want to mod their game are better of doing the hard yards and understanding what's in the xml.
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  10. Збст, спасиб мэн, давно искал
  11. wootwoots

    wootwoots Starting Off

    if i understand correctly, that tool turn xml into win.bmd ? :O
  12. Paton

    Paton Starting Off

    Yes. So you can edit the XML in notepad, run this program and wala... All edits done.

    Smashly... Thats awesome. I do so love your mods though. They made my brain relax into a mode of bliss... Hell I even forgot what an XML and BMD was the other day :p
  13. Paton

    Paton Starting Off

    I prefer to use this to change the models too ;)
  14. wootwoots

    wootwoots Starting Off

    wooh ! awesome !! :O

    Guess i will start again put my hand on the various SOD files :D

    Thanks for the awesome tool dude1234 :O
  15. McGuffin

    McGuffin Starting Off

    thx a million!
    hunger to see what is coming now ;)
  16. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    I'd recommend something with more features than notepad, especially macroing if you're editing large swaths - notepad++
    I'm sure those of us that use it can provide tips, if wanted :)
    I think I have some in one of my how-to's, as well.

  17. This thing works like a charm ! :D
    Thank you !
  18. roughnek

    roughnek Starting Off

    and me as newb, how do i make the file a xml file on first place, or is it already xml ??

    can some one explain? please

    btw asome stuff you guys are making, and i mean that to all modders
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  19. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    To put it simply, you make a file an XML file by taking a text file and just changing the extension to xml, or you can save it from inside a text editor as a .xml.

    I'm not sure if the engine is the same but generally things that read XML files will automatically add the headers that you see in them that dictate the version of XML.

    That's these things:
    "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>"
    Encoding being how it stores the data - if I may put it simply - such as ISO versus UTF.

    XML; It's just text in a really ordered fashion, that operates on objects.

    I think this is basic enough to let you know a bit more about it, though W3C sometimes has inaccurate info on the specifics :)

  20. i edited the characters.xml the line

    <Character HairColor="Base" HairType="Bald" HeadType="Marcus" Model="characters/male/human/story_characters/marcus_campbell.cdf" SkinColor="Base" VoicePitch="Normal" VoiceRole="HRO" PortraitHairColor="1" PortraitHairType="1" PortraitHeadType="13" PortraitSkinColor="1">
    <DescriptionText Flags="" Notes="Character Bio" Text="Just came to Trumbull Valley for a vacation." />
    <NameText Flags="Do Not Localize" Notes="" Text="0 STORY Marcus Campbell" />
    <NameText Flags="" Notes="" Text="KoU" />
    <NameText Flags="" Notes="" Text="LeiFoH" />

    this name for example and i drag onto xml2bmd.exe and make characters.win.bmd i will replace for the original, and just dont work. when start the game have the same name "Marcus Campbell", so whay am i missing? what im doing bad?

    Edited: Right now well the program work!!! WORK! WORK! only starting a new game with my old save game data dont work!! so you have now one note: Only work start new game!!! ty my friend

    (BTW Sry for my low english)
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