Year 2 Recollections

Discussion in 'News From the Lab' started by Undead Nicole, Jun 5, 2015.

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  1. I was hesitant for some reason buying it for the 360 so only started playing on the Xbox One a few months ago by chance when I went into Eb just get a random game to play. Instantly became hooked, Happy Birthday guys from Australia.
  2. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    Aww, I have been to busy at work I guess, it's my only excuse for missing this post.

    Happy Birthday to State of Decay!
    It's been a wild ride and no matter how many other games I play, I always return to Trumbull Valley and my good friends, Marcus, Ed and Maya. Here is raising a glass to many more years of continued success!
  3. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    Another birthday for SOD.....where does the time go? Here's hoping it's a good one, and the next is even better.

    I remember when I first heard of SOD way back when it had been announced and said "Oh, this looks cool, I'm going to buy it when it comes out" then noticed it was being developed for XBLA and I was like "Well, shit." and all but forgot about it. Then eventually I saw it on Steam and bought it, and I've been happily dodge rolling through hordes, OHKOing Ferals, blowing up propane tanks, and setting Fatty McFatass on fire ever since.

    Oh, and flipping cars on perfectly level roads. Can't forget about that.
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  4. DeadK9Handler

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    When I bought it I was in a drug induced stupor due to the day prior having spine surgery! Best "decision" ever!
  5. Congratulations UL! I wish I would have found you guys a year ago because I would have picked up SoD from the arcade for sure. I hope to see more awesome titles and DLC come rolling out from you all soon. Thank you!
  6. Sapper Jay 12B

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    Regarding permadeath, it truly hurts when a survivor dies but without that consequence SoD wouldn't be anywhere near as exciting to me I think. I hate it when a survivor dies but I don't think its a coincidence that two of my favorite games of all time feature permadeath.

    Of course SoD is on that short list. The is other X-Com.

    Both games get you attached to your characters. Both games are more than willing to take those charachters away if you slip up even the slightest bit.

    Without permadeath there wouldn't be that sense of loss and maybe players wouldn't get so attached if it wasn't a possibility they could be gone next mission.
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  7. SupraDork

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    Just stick to the mechanics of SoD and clean it up a bit. I'd say add a co-op mode for up to 4 players but no more than that. If you make it an MMO, it'll just end up being a troll/griefer fest like every other game that is supposed to be co-op. It'll also become more about the PvP aspect vs. the zombie apocalypse aspect. If you put all your eggs into the 'online' basket, you're destined for failure. Here's why: Most ordinary working people (like me) cannot get friends to play online at the same time on a frequent basis. As a game that will probably be designed with a stress on co-op vs. PvP, you can see where that could be a problem. GTA V, for example, has ample opportunity for co-op, especially with heists. But, like hell are you going to complete heists unless you have 4 of your real friends who actually want to cooperate and don't start flaming teammates or ruining everyone's game if things don't go their way. So, when the majority of people can't play online with their *real* friends, co-op sort of falls apart. So, be careful here. You could spend a lot of time and effort working on functionality that will end up frustrating the vast majority of your target market than it will be used. Especially if you totally ignore a single-player aspect or minimise the single-player aspect in favour of the multi-player. Do not, I repeat, do not cave into the "dumb it down to meet popular demand".

    I'm an old-school gamer. Atari 2600, NES, SNES in my youth. PC in college. N64/PS2/Xbox/Xbox360 post college. Console games are fun, but nothing beats the challenges placed before you in most PC strategy games. I miss those days and often find myself back playing some of the old PC games that I used to love. What you did with S0D was introduce some of the more PC strategy type mechanics to a survival game on a console... and you did it well, in my opinion. I knew the graphics weren't the best when I took the chance in purchasing it, but graphics aren't everything. I had read about the clipping and the glitches beforehand. But, you know what? I wanted the mechanics and you guys delivered on that. I'd say that most of the people who *took a chance* and are happy that they did are thinking the same thing. If you can just manage to keep the core that we love so well and enhance it rather than *revamping* it as development shops are prone to do (usually breaking the core mechanics and replacing them with something more... er... um... accessible), you'll be fine. Also, take a look at some of the things other developers like Project Zomboid are doing. That perpetual Beta has earned a lot of respect from the PC gaming community *because* it's so difficult and forces people to micromanage down to specific injuries. Though you don't have to break things down to that level of detail, you might think about swapping some of the annoyingly constant Lily missions with more detailed mechanics like specific injuries requiring specific medical supplies to heal. I know the attention span of console gamers doesn't really allow for much micromanagement, but I'm sure they could handle that.

    Unfortunately, console gamers are usually stuck in this mindset that graphics are all important. So, for the next release, if you want it to be successful on console, you're going to have to significantly improve the graphics for them. Look at the reviews and comments on your re-release for YOSE... you didn't get that many negative reviews for SoD when it first came out... it's like everyone forgot about the awesome mechanics and were simply complaining that it didn't *look* or *feel* as polished as they'd like. A totally subjective view and unscientific view if there was one. The same people who lauded the mechanics of SoD were seen bashing it, simply because they couldn't deal with it being a re-release, this despite UL making it clear that, if you purchased it before, you get a huge discount (making it really cheap) and that it only offers enhanced textures, draw distances, etc. with a few extra weapons and stuff. Didn't matter, opinions changed completely! PC gamers typically don't care so much about graphics if the game's core mechanics are awesome. The intro of the Xbox Live Arcade has helped bring this mentality (the correct one) to console gamers, but with the swath of mindless button mashing games that dominate console games, you can see where graphics become all-important.

    To build on the console vs. PC market and how you actually potentially changed the way games are played on console for the better: PC games are more for mature adults where as console games are usually targeted for children whose parents don't really monitor them or adults who haven't quite matured. What you did with SoD was bring a revelation to console gamers. It was like you woke them up to a reality that there are games that require critical thinking, self-learning, strategy, and management. They were shocked to find a game that didn't hold their hand, that was totally unforgiving when they made critical mistakes. SoD was a revolution to console gaming; a world that saw brilliant games with excellent concepts like Morrowind slowly lose all of it's beloved quirky and complicated mechanics in it's successors until it literally became another mindless, simple, hack n slash. Stick to your guns. Don't give in to the temptation to make the game *accessible*. If anything, make the next one even harder and more complex. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. SoD was popular for that reason.

    Totally agree here.
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  8. GT4671

    GT4671 Got Your Back

    I've owned this game since it was first available and even though it has had glitches on top of glitches for over years now, I still pretty much play it daily. I was curious as to whether there was going to be a SOD 2 game but the answer I got on Twitter was "no plans at this time", which saddened me. I like the games where you can see the entire body of the player and not just their arms moving. This has been my favorite game and I hope a SOD 2 will come out.
  9. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Man, I wish I could tell you exactly what you want to hear but, the truth is that we haven't announced anything and we can't talk about what we're working on. :( I can say that we signed a multi-year contract with Microsoft to continue the SOD franchise and all of our future games will have a multiplayer element. That's as far as I can go. :)
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  10. SomeRandomGuy

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    I think you pretty much did just say what a lot of us are looking for. Bring on the only real good zombpocalypse multiplayer we're likely to see.
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  11. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Supra summons up my views on this. As long as any new games can still be played by single players, then looking forward to them:)
  12. GT4671

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    Thank you for replying and for saying what you did. There is hope yet.
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  13. osamaclees

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    So no more single player games at all? or just none in development yet?
  14. HighCadet

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    They are in development on something. They just cannot say anything as of now. Just stick around. They will eventually
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  15. [​IMG]

    This is my favorite part...the day MonPrinCe came and started doing his crazy awesome Challenges! Parking cars where he wanted, where you wanted, where Brant wanted... to the point that you got to enjoy the famous Hula Dance (done twice by my dear and lovely Friend Brant)...Best Stream EVER!

    You can rewatch it, if you've missed it, on my Youtube Channel...the link is on my bio profile thing...or just search youtube for "MonPrinCeCyCLoPe" (you shall see a one eyed monster on the profile pic...) you can also watch my challenges there!

    I love this Community... ,-)
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  16. It would be nice if they made more different zombies such as a post man at the post office or doing hisomething round as silly as that sound it be cool. How about a clown zombie at the fair all these updates with weapons only to use them on the same kind is kind of dull and old.

    And how about some new building you can build in your base.

    Have the map expand or make it possible to go into some of those building you normally are not able to such as the self storage or what looks like a porn store out by where the tree house is kind of close to where you would find becca. Or that really big burning building across by the super market. Speaking of market why not ad real food to the game such as milk or apples oranges.

    More challenges would be awesome such as the one you had to kill 200 for new swords I love that you guy did that I was surprise.

    More achievements would be nice such as killing a certain amount of screamers well give you your own hazmat suit.

    Why not add drugs to the game I mean it would fit well with the wickerson family the drugs could give you certain amount of speed to run or enough attack to take on a juggernaut by your self and to make it balance make it for 50sec after which your stamina well drop all the way down or you could get very will.

    It would be nice to let you have your own base anywhere you want such as the gad station that you normally see on the cover

    I really don't want to see any more guns in the game just my own opinion I think there tons already however I would like to see some throwing weapons besides explosive such as darts knifes. Maybe add some knifes in the game.

    One thing that really bothers me a lot in the game besides how stupid the AI is when it come to the other survivors in the game when you try to get in your car. Is that all of the survivors have the same dialog even the ones that was from lifeline would be nice if you added more.

    And please please please fix the AI

  17. I could give you a whole book report on each and every single glitch I have found that ruin my game a few times on the 360 version and no they won't go back to fix any of the bugs or even give it a small update there completely down with the way it is unfortunately which also makes it bad for business on there end.

    On the Xbox one they did fix a lot of bugs that was found in the Xbox 360 for the new xbox other then the shitty AI and some times the zombies go invisible or they get stuck in the flooring nothing to major to break your game tho
  18. Well , I would say to the producers of Undead Labs that game STATE OF DECAY is simply Fantastic , and congratulate them for the great work of the game , he's smart , references to other games of the genre terror plagiarize any title , one game so well prepared that became classic, about to already have their own folklore and their own conspiracy theories about the next version . I knew the game by STEAM in a Microsoft Games initiative publish your PC games . If I had access to that game on the day of its release here in Brazil , and a legion of fans buy it immediately. Unfortunately the gaming market still takes time to get here in Brazil. But I look forward to the next version ( perhaps now multiplayer and cooperative wow !). I ask for UNDEAD LABS not forget your Brazilian public. See you.
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  19. Han solo

    Han solo Here To Help

    Do you maybe have a date you can give us for when information will be released? The wait is killing me
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  20. LetsPlayCatGaming

    LetsPlayCatGaming Got Your Back

    I have so many fond memories of State Of Decay, luckily, I have been recording since day one. Well, before that, actually... Thank you, Sanya. The only problem is, I can't remember which videos are which, but there have been many moments that stand out.

    1) Juggernaut vs. A stop sign - I was controlling Amelia and luring a Juggernaut in for battle. He didn't stop at a stop sign. He simply walked into said sign and died.

    2) Suicidal zombie - I didn't even see this one, but it was pointed out in video comments recently. I was minding my own business getting from A to B, and a zombie jumped off a bridge in the background and died.

    3) BOOM. - I like to make things blow up. This never gets old.
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