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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    One month and YOSE launches, y'all!

    To kick off the countdown, here's the start of a YOSE FAQ. As with all Undead FAQs, this is a living document that thrives on your brains. Questions. Whatever. So if your question isn't covered here, go ahead and ask it, and either me or Nicole will get you the answer.

    LAST EDIT 4/24/2015 6:00 PM PDT/9:00 PM EDT

    As we’re making the final preparations for launch, we’ve adjusted our minimum specs slightly (Intel HD 4600) to ensure players get the best State of Decay experience possible. If you’re among the small percentage of pre-order customers affected, and would like to cancel your preorder, you can find information about that here: We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Q: I have over a thousand hours invested into the original game. So, what’s in YOSE for me?

    A: We reworked the game mechanics and we improved the animations. If you’re playing on the XB1, the graphics are notably improved, remastered in 1080p. The framerate is a solid 30fps. We’ve added some new playable heroes (most notably the beloved SASQUATCH), new weapons ranging from new guns to a new unbreakable knife, a new mission type, and new vehicles. We made the Lifeline facility goodness game-wide. YOSE includes all the DLC, of course. And just for the XB1, there are new achievements to win and the game DVR feature to record your most satisfying escapes from certain death.

    We are super proud of YOSE and at $30, it’s going to be a brilliant introduction to the game for a whole new crowd of people. Whether that’s enough for you to buy it again is a personal decision. I hope it is. I expect there will be lots of reviews for you to check out before deciding.

    Q: Do I get anything for upgrading?

    A: Definitely. If you get YOSE on the same digital platform where you bought the original (Steam to Steam, XBox 360 to Xbox 1), using the same account name, you’ll get:
    • Automatic 33% discount
    • Exclusive hero, Gurubani, and her exclusive weapons: Her father’s Indian cavalry sword, and a suppressed rifle.
    Q: Can I move my saves from the 360 to the XB1?

    A: That's the plan! Cloud save FTW. First, log into the 360. You should see a new menu item offering you the option of moving your saves to the cloud. Choose it. When it's done processing, turn off your 360.

    Now turn on your X1 and load up YOSE on April 28. Et voila. All of your saves will be there - Original Recipe, Breakdown, and Lifeline.

    Q: What about Steam, is Cloud Save a thing there too?

    A: Yes.

    Q: I got the game on Steam, but I really want to play YOSE on my XB1 (or vice versa). Can I still get the discount?

    A: Unfortunately, no. The two retail systems are completely different, belong to different companies, and have different customer databases. Nothing about them are connected in any way, so there’s no way for one system to know you already bought the game on another system.

    Q: I bought the original as a download, obviously, but I really want the disk version. Can I still get the discount?

    A: Afraid not. See above.

    Q: Okay, I can't get the discount if I buy the disk, but can I still get Gurubani if I'm using the same LiveID and gamertag?

    A: Yes! You've got to be online so the machine can ping Xbox and make sure you did in fact buy the original, but you can get her and her weapons!

    Q: Any benefit to getting YOSE right at launch?

    A: If you get your copy of YOSE right when we launch (either digital or disk), or at least within a few days, you’ll get the Prepper’s Pack:

    • New super cool folding axe weapon
    • New modified SKS firearm…and it has a grenade launcher
    • The Prepper SUV

    Q: Hey, how do I find the Prepper's Pack stuff?

    A: It sounds more complicated than it is:

    1. Install the whole game and the DLC.
    2. Note that you get a thank-you message on the way into the game.
    3. Play to the point where you have a stable "base" in the game. (In the core game, that means getting to the church. In Breakdown, it means joining a community. In Lifeline, it means rescuing Black Friday.)
    4. The Prepper's Pack now appears as an option in the Radio Menu.
    5. Select it, and the weapons are deposited in your Supply Locker, while the vehicle is spawned nearby and marked on your map.

    Incidentally, this is also how you obtain Gurubani Kaur in Original Recipe and Lifeline. In Breakdown she's available as a starting hero.

    **NOTE: In Breakdown, you need to unlock the goodies before going to Level 2.

    Q: How about preorders?

    A: Disk versions can be pre-ordered from various retailers. Each retailer has a different, exclusive skin for the unbreakable knife that all of our customers will get.

    Digital pre-orders begin next week (April 13-17). I've been asked not to give an exact date and time until the stores give the signal. Stay tuned to the social channels :)

    Q: Can we pre-download the digital version on Xbox One so it's ready to play the moment it's released?

    A: Yes. The exact date you can do that for the X1 is the same as the pre-order date, due to the way we update that platform. Steam may be different.

    Q: What about multiplayer/co-op?

    A: What we said a few years ago is still true. At that time, we promised to build future installments of the franchise around some kind of multiplayer, but we can’t put it into this generation of State of Decay.

    Q: Any new Xbox achievements?

    A: Check out our handy chart!

    Q: Will the Lifeline map be available in Breakdown, in YOSE?

    A: No.

    Q: So what exactly do you MEAN when you say stuff like "overhauled combat mechanics, improved pathing, fixed animations, addressed clipping"? Can we see a specific list?

    A: A specific list would be thousands of pages long, and inaccurate. The reason it could never be accurate is because much of what we did was on a systematic level meant to affect the whole game. Being able to do that is very rare, because it takes a lot of time and money. We were lucky to be given the chance.

    There is a tortured analogy on p13 of this thread.

    Q: Can we see what you’ve been doing?

    A: There was a fair amount of PAX coverage you could dig up: and if you follow us on Twitter, I'm obsessively retweeting any streams that people tell me about. (@undeadlabs)

    OR you could tune in to our Twitch channel - - at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/9 PM UT and see for yourself every Tuesday. We'll be streaming every Tuesday until and including launch day (April 28) and for the month of May.

    Q: I write/stream/podcast and would like to review YOSE. Can I?

    A: If you have at least 30 viewers/subs/daily unique visitors, at least three months of regular updates, and an existing review of the game, email me :) sanya at undeadlabs dot com. Be sure to specific Steam or X1.

    Q: What is the Minimum Spec for PC?

    A: Windows 7
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 / Athlon X64 3400
    4 GB ram
    GeForce GTX 470 / Radeon HD 5850 / Intel HD 4600**
    DirectX 11
    4158 MB available disk space

    **This is a change, from 4000 to 4600. It technically runs at 4000, which is how we came to be given that as a min spec, but we don't think it's fun on that card. You could try the 4400 if you were really, really good at tweaking all the possible settings on a PC.

    Q: How big is the download?

    A: On the X1: 5.5 GB. On the PC: 3 GB (We had to fancy up fewer textures on the PC, and that's the big file hog.)

    Q: How much?

    A: 30 bucks gets you the original and the two DLCs and all the upgraded goodness. 33% off, AKA 20, if you're a returning friend. (That's US dollars. Should be roughly equivalent to that in your local currency, global friends.)

    Q: How long is the Prepper's Pack available?

    A: It's really meant for people who get YOSE in the first week, and the exact date it disappears will vary depending on the retailer. Depending on how long the print run lasts, disks with the Prepper's Pack may be available for longer -- but if your local store sells out in the first couple days, it could be gone much sooner.

    It will get turned off on the X1/Steam on May 11.

    Q: What about the returning friend discount, when does that vanish?

    A: June 29. Plenty of time to check out reviews and decide if it's worth it to you!

    Q: Um... the original game downloaded just fine onto my X1, but I don't see any of the DLC. WTH?

    A: It's there. Let me know if you hit this glitch, but you don't need to wait to get your stuff. If Breakdown, Lifeline and the Prepper's Pack have not yet downloaded to your Xbox One, you can follow these steps:

    - Highlight the downloaded 'State of Decay: Year-One" in your Games section.
    - Hit "Start"
    - Scroll down and click on "Manage Game"
    - Look for "Add-Ons" just to the right of the main image. You should see Breakdown, Lifeline and Prepper's Pack available
    - Click on them and Install
    - Once they are finished, you are good to go.
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  2. Question:
    For modders who want to push their mods to the newer version, has there been an entire rewrite and reformatting of the XML's that we've been using?
  3. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    Can we pre-download the digital version on Xbox One so it's ready to play the moment it's released?
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  4. Question:
    Has working on the new console presented any new challenges or opportunities that changed your approach to Class 4 in any way?
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  5. Alajeff

    Alajeff Here To Help

    I'm curious if scoped weapons zoom a bit further with the improved draw distance
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  6. DeadK9Handler

    DeadK9Handler Here To Help

    Question: I bought digital on my 360 but upgraded to Xbone. Normally no issue but I created a new gamertag so my son could keep his friends. Will there be a way for me to get the discount? Lol no worries if not I'm still getting the game!
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  7. Han solo

    Han solo Here To Help

    I bought state of decay on xbox 360 as a digital download (obviously because there was never a disk version for the 360) I pre ordered YOSE at Gamestop so I can have the disk copy. I understand I won't get the discount but will I still get the bonus playable character Gurubani ? I'll be using the same gamer tag. Xbox live does have it for preord yet And I definitely want the day one perks also.
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  8. Flagg

    Flagg Got Your Back

    Why is pre-order unavailable for Steam? And will it remain that way?
  9. Furgas

    Furgas Got Your Back

    „beloved SASQUATCH“ - not so sure about this one. But maybe he’ll do better in BD than in guarding my gates in Lifeline. :D Looking forward to giving him a second chance!

    Thanks for all the info. No further questions. I will definitely order/pre-order on Steam as soon as possible. Got burned with pre-orders but this is a save bet.
  10. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

    Will the Lifeline map be available in BD? Also, would mods for SoD still work for YOSE?
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  11. Alajeff

    Alajeff Here To Help

    Oh man that would be sick if it connected the two somehow

    Uh I messed up that quote but what I was going to say is that I don't use heroes on breakdown
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  12. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    I will add the answer to the original FAQ as soon as I have some specifics.

    I can't answer that question, because it's like "have you stopped beating your wife?" I'm still gagged when it comes to talking about future projects, other than to repeat what I've already posted to the website - we've signed a contract for more SOD games and we are working hard on something unannounced. And I don't like stopping there any more than you do, so don't make me cry.

    You'll get the Prepper's Pack, definitely - the whole first print run of the disks will have it - but I honestly don't know what will happen if you use the same gamer tag on the physical copy, in terms of Gurubani! I don't think you get her that way. But I'll ask.
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  13. AblativMeatshld

    AblativMeatshld Here To Help

    I guess I'm too noob to quite be sure what this means...
  14. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Like the snack making. That's now something you can do in both Original Recipe and BD, not just Lifeline.
  15. AblativMeatshld

    AblativMeatshld Here To Help

    Ooooooooh. Sweet.

    Can my radio call for supplies to be dropped off, too? That would make my life waaaaaaay easier...
  16. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Okay, dear ones, if I didn't answer your Q here in the comments, it's because I'm waiting to confirm answers and then post to the original FAQ :)

    I'm really slow right now and I don't know what you mean. /shame

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  17. AblativMeatshld

    AblativMeatshld Here To Help

    In Lifeline, I can just radio for, say, construction materials or guns and ammo, to appear at my base instead of having to go scrounge. I don't suppose Lily will be able to pull that one off...

    And you aren't slow. You just haven't finished your boot cycle yet. It's what, 8am where you are? Have some coffee. Morning suck.
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  18. Alajeff

    Alajeff Here To Help

    That would be crazy hilarious maybe Sasquatch unlocks that function from the radio menu
  19. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Will the snack apples be replaced with pies during pie month?

    Is the Animal Cannibal in the game?

    Will the max level of difficulty in Breakdown go past eleven?

    Will the medical option to heal others be added from the Ranger Station to the other infirmary facility?
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  20. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Turns out the answer is YES!
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