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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Are you talking about roof-riding?
  2. Yeah, I hadn't realized that's what the community dubbed it. Kinda disappointed to hear it's been removed...

    I guess I won't be keeping all 47 of my people after all :(
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    Yeah, same here. I never got to even try it...
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    Considering it can break the game and/or corrupt save files— they rather had to fix it.
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    True, but Maybe limit it to 12 people? :)
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    I'd say 10— so at least all the home base options are available without headache.

    Ever since I moved on to YOSE, it isn't increasing the challenge so much as just restricting the base options. Spawn me at the helicopter crash site? Thanks RNG, fuck you very much. No vehicles nearby either... greaaaaat. I guess I'll either blow 250inf on the red sportscar, just so I can drive it to a more useful vehicle. Or I can just hump it all the way to McCready's. I don't switch bases within BD-levels, and I don't bother to recruit survivors either, unless (A) I plan on replacing one of my core group, or (B) to get the enclave off the map so maybe a new one will spawn closer to my base. By the time I've built up my base, and fixed the RV— there's no reason to stay, and no reason to waste time building up survivors I'm just going to leave behind anyway.

    Tedium ≠ Challenge
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    No you need to start a new level. I imported my game from Xbox 360 (I was on Breakdown level 2) I played all night without a CLEO drop (10 + hours) not more then 20 mins after I started breakdown level 3 I got the supply drop. Just get things in order for the next round and prepare to shit yourself. I have prided myself on not losing a valuable character in all my play throughs of state of decay. I no longer have Gurubani cause shit went nuts on my second drop...... I swear to you man its awesom.

    This was how I looked for the next 45mins after losing Gurubani.

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    I dunno I'd I'm ready for the new BD 4 though. :eek:
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    Dude, post up at Snyders trucking warehouse, make at least 3 munitions shops and one med lab. Make a shit tone of 7.62 and 5.56 ammo along with stims and pain killers. Also I make alot of .45, 357 and grenade launcher ammo as well. Use the built in workshop to make silencers. After stocking up....... prepare your gaming area with a few pairs of spare pants, xanx, alcohol and pamphlets on dealing with the loss of loved ones..... I say this because first you will shit yourself, then you'll need something to help with the anxiety of what just made you shit yourself , then you'll need something to help you cope with what made you shit yourself and lastly something to help you move on from the loss that led to you shitting yourself. Follow these simple steps and you'll be good to go lol

    Remember this is just a template strategy and should be adjusted as needed. For example, my buddy swapped out the pamphlets for adderall in the latter levels so he could stay focused. He also added a Jamaican medium named Miss Cleo in hopes of contacting fallen survivors so they could pass on their wisdome. So don't be afraid to change things up with your playing style as things progress. Hell, I'm at the point where I've switch everything out for alcohol and just shit on the floor now instead of in my pants and just tell my girl it was the dog. So don't be afraid to change things up.

    This is not true. I just started a new level (going from breakdown level 2 to 3) and within 20 mins I got one

    This hasn't been fixed? Awesome !!!!
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    XD @Han solo, First laugh of the day here! Thank you!! I'll pack my adult diapers and a mega shit bucket. Just... don't ask where I got them from.

    Neighbor: What the... WHERE'S MY SHIT BUCKET!?

    *cough cough*
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    This "mega shit bucket" intrigues me, this morning Ive checked my surrounding neighbors yards in search of this holy instrument only to have shit on there floors in disgust as there was none to be found. The search will continue tonight as I expand my the search area. I shall stock up on taco bell before the search begins. Wish me luck.
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    May the Force of Constipation be with you!
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