YOSE Content Update 4 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    *plays SoD, gets bored 5 minutes later*
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  2. Wayne

    Wayne Here To Help

    My boot up is the same, "the thin edge of my monitor". Otherwise the game played really smooth on my level 78 stream. Bloters & screamers out the wazoo, massive hordes and sneaky ferals all good fun and on a good note I did not notice any new problems other than the logo screen. Oh and did I mention that Trumbull valley is infested?
  3. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    Finally we have this.
    But my radio is now nothing in the extra section, when will it work?:)
  4. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    I haven't played SoD in a while but I'm definitely jumping back in for some increased Breakdown difficulty!
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  5. Beakie

    Beakie Got Your Back

    Is there supposed to be extra things in the Radio Menu? Because if there are I ain't seeing them....
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  6. When on the menu page page, try scrolling right to the desired channel!! You will see somzthing like "26" or "27"ish !!!

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  7. Breakdown achievements all unlocked using 360 save-transfers finally!! you still have to do the new YOSE challenges to get - The Rescuer , unlocked after doing last challenge craft 300 ammo for me

    1500 GS - YOSE

    600 GS - 360

    100% done now :)

    Bring on Class 4!!!! (decent coop would be better then MMO btw)
  8. Alajeff

    Alajeff Here To Help

    I got an error on the download that instructs me to download again, but doesn't have the option to do so. Now, I do have the new radio scrolling option and it looked like it dled fine yesterday. A bug??
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  9. Beakie

    Beakie Got Your Back

    Ok, What I see on my Radio is this....
    Channel 26.9 - Call For Scavengers, Establish Outpost
    Channel 27.0 - Bonus Surivior, Prepper's Pack
    Channel 27.1 - Empty
    Channels 27.2 and 27.3 - I see across the top of the screen but I can't scroll over to them.

    Note: This is on a brand new PC Story Mode game. Are the extras only for Breakdown? And, What are the Extras? Just trying to see if I got all the patch has to offer
  10. troy pulcifer

    troy pulcifer Here To Help

    holy hell...i am only on breakdown level 12..and the zombies are insane!! lmao!! "THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU BARBARA!!!"
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  11. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    You have pretty much the same system that I do and I'm not experiencing this. Which makes me twitch. :D Have you done a Steam File verification. Also, have you checked to see if you've got anything in launch options? You might have changed something before we fixed it and it's over-writing the new code.

    Jeff, I can never remember if you're on Xbox or PC. I've got another user on Xbox who is experiencing a similar issue and if I've got you too that means it's a trend and we need to contact Xbox to find out what's going on. :)
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  12. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    That's the kind of shit I like to see.:cool:
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  13. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    Maybe I'm being a bit dumb here but how do I download the update on xbox one? I presumed it would just force me to update the game when I opened it but apparently not...
  14. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    The settings on your Xbox One are set to automatic download by default. It probably already downloaded in the background. You don't need to launch games to update them on Xbox One.
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  15. XBOX ONE: I updated yose this morning. Thought 'man this is a huge patch' (4gb). Almost downloaded, it hung at 99% for 15-20 minutes. So I went to 'manage game' state of decay; yose on xbox1 main menu. It said there was a 49 mb update so I did. Started the game, at game menu i can play s.o.d., breakdown, but lifeline says 'install now' and 'A Install Now' press a nothing happens. Lifeline is actually installed, I was playing it yesterday but now with update I cant.

    edit: I uninstalled/ reinstalled lifeline and no problems. It works again.

    I did experience some frame rate issues when the world was loading in across all 3 games. but after a moment it cleared up and worked smoothly.... For a bit. Now every other minute things get a lil choppy,turning in battle, or driving around.. I feel like this wasn't there before the patch.
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  16. davideassis

    davideassis Starting Off

    I solved the Shadow Flickering in 4K by creating a user.cfg (in the main folder, with the main .exe) file with those values:

    r_ssao = 0
    r_ssdo = 0

    And I can toggle to fullscreen wit ALT + ENTER only when the game starts and with this disabled in option menu.

    So I don't think this is a driver problem... it's some kind of misconfiguration the devs should verify. o_O
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  17. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    It would be awesome to see an advertising vid of the new difficulties on your Youtube channel. The most recent vid I see is the BSD with Nicole a month ago.
  18. Yellow

    Yellow Got Your Back

    Ok that sounds reasonable. Gj anyways.
  19. Alajeff

    Alajeff Here To Help

    Xbox. Which i bought for this game. Cause I love you.

    Hysterically, hoards disappear when approached Xbox one breakdown level 2. They simply... Vanish
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  20. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous


    WOW!! You found the godmode coding??
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