YOSE Content Update 4 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. LetsPlayCatGaming

    LetsPlayCatGaming Got Your Back

    This difficulty update makes me twitch with painful excitement.
  2. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    Well, the good news is that when I turned on my Xbox 1 today, Breakdown and Lifeline both finished downloading.

    I won't have a chance to try it out until Wednesday night though.
  3. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    We're not going to give away the secret sauce DB. :) It increases by a percentage the higher level you get.
    Bumpy have you tried clearing your cache yet?
    G - Let me know if it resolves for you. :)
  4. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    I understand lol, I saw a screenshot from Breakdown level 99 that had approx 20 zeds per horde, I was just wondering if the horde size caps at level 99, or if they can still get bigger than that?

    Assuming the screenshot is authentic.
  5. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Everything caps at 99. :) That's the highest level you can go.
  6. DPS lfg PST

    DPS lfg PST Starting Off

    Thanks for the reply. I knew the multiplier score went up every level from 1-10, but i guess i need to up the difficulty to see if it goes even higher. I'm only 10th on the leaderboards so i need to get busy lol.

    also, the wits increase being faster...much appreciated! Stealth killing hordes makes getting that stat up much faster!
  7. Game got slow down when too many events appears at once.I tested on four Xboxone,external 3.5"hdd run a little better
  8. Tacticalgrenade

    Tacticalgrenade Got Your Back

    Quick question. Maybe this was answered already. Did the radius of the Bloater gas increase? Will it increase more on higher levels? I was inside one of the "Coach Keel's Mancave" warehouses, I shot a Bloater entering through the door. The gas expansion forced me to the very back of it to stay out of harm's way. Seemed larger than other experiences I have had in the past. I'm not complaining if it was increased. Just curious.

    I was not aware that stealth kills improved the Wits attribute. Is that confirmed? I am on Xbox One. The last time I unlocked "The Ninja" hero, I only used one character and I don't recall them receiving any Wits improvement. I may be wrong.
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  9. This is a known issue, its the same for 21:9. And this issue was even in the old SOD, so I don't think this will change ;)
  10. basically you are break down a bit more harder and added the repair your own car feature which is cool btw but really isn't worth a whole hell of a lot all things consider none of the real bad bugs or glitches has been fixed still.

    Don't get me wrong I am glad you guy haven't gave up like you did for the 360 version but seriously you need to learn to fix the most important bugs in the game like zombies being stuck in the floors or the walls or your character being stuck in the wall yes it happen once before. Or your car being stuck somewhere that isn't always a wall. And of course tweak the AI settings making it so your people can find the car door rather then waiting 2 or 3 minutes to finally find it possibly killing you in the process because you can't leave just then.

    How about some of the Portraits Of one of your survivors you fine have the same portraits on how the character look in the menu.

    How about the characters voices in the game how are they all share one another's voices rather have they have an instinct voice to only them. what you could do is put some of the characters voices from the story and life line in to break down and vice versa that way they all have the own original voice. least find some voice actors and see if they would be willing to pitch in or maybe your voice into the game cuz its really annoying hearing the same thing over and over and also needs better dialogue. How new zombies with new clothes 213 is a Post Office in the game I'm surprised I haven't seen the mailman zombie or a clown zombie in the fairway grounds killing the same zombies over and over does get a bit annoying now. I heard that it's basically really hard to make a new map for the game I'm sure it's not really impossible what are you guys could do is make a Dlc and having area by Supermarket open.
  11. I thought in breakdown they were going to be ongoing, and not end like base and lifeline. Could have sworn i read somewhere it was being looked into oh well my bad!
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  12. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Great! But will you ALSO post to youtube? I have never been able to get a twitchvid to play after the stream.
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  13. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    Well, both Breakdown and Lifeline downloaded after I unplugged the power cord, so...

    I guess it works?

    One thing that I've noticed with this new update: The game is SUPER laggy for the first few minutes upon loading.
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  14. dariussd

    dariussd Starting Off

    First off, I would like to say "Thank You!" to Undead Labs for fixing two of the main problems I've had with SoD: YOSE on PC with this patch, which were: The title splash screens not displaying in full screen because they were displaying in lower resolution for some reason and the faster character switching. The added difficulty in Breakdown and the new car repair system were icing on the cake along with all the other improvements. I was also optimistic from the beginning that you would eventually add the Xbox One exclusive Challenge Rewards to the PC version which you said you did with this patch. Patch note: "- Added 'Extras' radio menu; all challenge rewards on the "Extras" radio menu". Please tell me this feature is not an Xbox One exclusive. From what I understand, the Xbox One monthly Challenges are not over yet. The last I heard, they were going to continue through early next year at least. I am playing the base Story Mode game on PC and I've also tried starting a game of Breakdown to do some research and currently, the radio channels I can access are: 26.9, which says "Radio" in the title and gives me the normal game radio commands. 27.0, which has says "Extras" in the title and gives me the Bonus Survivor and the Prepper's Pack. The next accessible channel is 27.1, which has no title and currently, has nothing accessible. The last two channels are 27.2 and 27.3, which are not accessible. Are the Challenge Rewards going to be eventually included in a future patch for PC after all the Xbox One monthly Challenges are completed, or am I missing something? I saw Beakie reference this earlier in this thread and it was never addressed. P.S., the only way you could possibly make me happier would be to include all three of the pre-order knives from the Xbox One version into the PC version along with the base knife and allow us to switch between them in game, on the fly. You people are awesome! Thanks.
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  15. lethal juggernauts also instantly kill npcs?
  16. C.C Garcia

    C.C Garcia Here To Help

    Hold on, what does no map indicators mean? If you mean zombies aren't on the mini map, then it didn't work, because I am on level 9 and I have them still
  17. AblativMeatshld

    AblativMeatshld Here To Help

    Yeah, my XBO isn't installing the update. It almost instantly pops "installation stopped." I remove the update, re-enter SoD, go to a game, get prompted to grab the update, and it happens again. Will try a clearing cache to see if this fixes the issue, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. Also, I've noticed that my screen is cutting off again text on the periphery...
  18. Azuries

    Azuries Got Your Back

    The update installed fine for me auto in my sleep but I have noticed installation stops randomly for other updated and installs. Ie apps and other games. I still havnt found a fix yet I have a suspicion it may be because I'm part of the preview program and could be a bug. Tho it seems to be random
  19. AblativMeatshld

    AblativMeatshld Here To Help

    I swear to god, the second I get a spare external drive, I'm moving everything onto it and getting the fuck out of that thing. The almost weekly massive updates have made me never want to touch a preview program ever again...
  20. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Let me know if it resolves itself. Don't load anything in, until the entire thing is updated though. It will break the build and you'll find yourself talking to Xbox Support. :)
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