YOSE Content Update 4 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. AblativMeatshld

    AblativMeatshld Here To Help

    Well, that appears to be what has happened. I'd uninstall the entire game, but I would rather not lose all the monthly challenge rewards.
  2. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I don't think you lose your challenge rewards. Just don't delete your save games. Uninstall the client and reinstall and let it all finish (all 3 games) before you load it up.
  3. AblativMeatshld

    AblativMeatshld Here To Help

    Uninstalled, and re-installing. I guess we'll see...
  4. Wayne

    Wayne Here To Help

    From what I have seen at Breakdown Levels 78+ (that is where I was at in my current twitch series when the patch hit) You will get messages that there are more infestations and they do not appear on the map. Despite having max morale in camp your people will go missing within minutes of receiving the message that new infestations have appeared. I have ran all over the map doing survey missions looking for the infestations and never finding one. Meanwhile 4 members of my camp have gone missing and there is no infestation anywhere in my immediate area.

    So no map indicators could mean that the infestations do not actually exist (my experience) or that they are somewhere and you have to find them on your own. (I spent 3 hours looking and never found an infestation so this does not seem to be the case.) Either way at the rate your survivors keep going missing you will be forced to load the RV & leave people behind or risk losing everyone except the character you are currently playing. I saved the same person multiple times only to have them go missing again a minute or two later. You will need to keep spamming Lily to search for new survivors on the radio. (Funny thing is these new untrained recruits never seem to be the ones to go missing.)

    This means there will be no sense of community at higher levels in breakdown. Enclaves either do not appear at all or you find them by accident looking for infestations and they never ping a single mission. This appears to be a random thing with enclaves. I have had no enclaves appear at all, I have had 3 enclaves appear and spawn missions as normal, I have found enclaves and not a single member of the enclave ever leaves their house. This means recruiting an enclave will be a rare occurrence.

    Also some times there are so many zombies in your immediate area that all of the Zeds stop in place. They still do their threatening animations, but the do not move or attack. This causes lag and I have never experienced lag while playing SOD not even on level 99 CLEO Missions. After you kill several of them though, they get their killing Mojo back on and start chasing/attacking again as normal.

    I think I will be moving on to level 86 in my stream tonight at 8:00 CST. We will see what the RNG has in store for my crew.
  5. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron inquires if @Wayne posts Wayne's streams on the YouTubes. :)
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  6. Wayne

    Wayne Here To Help

    I have posted past streams from levels 1-73 on my YouTube channel. But for some reason every export I have attempted from twitch level 74+ has failed. Not sure if it is YT or twitch yet. But the plan is to have all 99 levels posted on my YT account. The link to my YT channel is in my signature below. For now you can watch levels 1-73 on YT and levels 74+ you have to watch on twitch until I get the export failure problem sorted out.

    Thanks for asking @Dantron You will receive a warm welcome if you decide to check it out.
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  7. C.C Garcia

    C.C Garcia Here To Help

    I remember when you forgot to load the RV, that was funny
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  8. ech0

    ech0 Got Your Back

    Will the 360 version get the new Breakdown difficulty modifications?

  9. Wayne

    Wayne Here To Help

    It was definitely a bone head move on my part. I could have tanked the entire series with one click of a mouse. At least it worked out in my favor in the end.
  10. Wayne

    Wayne Here To Help

    As far as I have understood it coming from UL is that they no longer support the 360 version of the game and that there will be no further updates. So my opinion is that no you will not be getting the updates to the 360.
  11. ech0

    ech0 Got Your Back

    That's what I feared.
    Well, I guess it's high time I bought an xbox one.
  12. upload_2015-12-3_11-52-58.jpeg
  13. After another update there is still no food consumption by the community when I'm playing.
    It decreases only when i'm offline. Do you also have this issue guys?
    Thx for reply...
  14. wootwoots

    wootwoots Starting Off

    And still no real fix for the mouse support. Well.
  15. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Can you clarify this issue? I play with a mouse and have no problems. :) I want to make sure we're addressing your issue.
  16. Does this mean every achievement you unlock on the 360 will unlock on the X1 after porting the save?
  17. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    They should. Let me know if you're running into problems with it. :)

  18. I've had the same issue with infestations not appearing. When I got on to see what the last update was about, it was fine. I had about 13 infestations all over Trumbull. Scary sight, but awesome as well. I was on lvl 76. I'm now on 79 & I'm not seeing them anymore. But survivors go missing almost all the time. Sometimes, I could go survey an area & as soon as I get to the top of the tower, the game crashes. It happened twice, but idk if it's a console bug or not since I'm playing on the Xbox One. Hopefully these get resolved soon.
  19. I didnt receive ANY of my achievments after upgrading to xbox one edition
  20. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Achievements are tracked by the Microsoft /Xbox system. Can you do me a favor and contact Xbox Support regarding this? Make sure to get your ticket number, and the name of the person you talk to in the event that they are unable to help so we can dig into it further.
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