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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Has anyone had a problem with surveying an area & it says there's an infestation at a location, but when you go there, the map doesn't show it? I'm on lvl 98 & I couldn't move into certain homesites in Marshall because of that & the actual infestation won't really trigger. It'll be empty with the location on the map showing that the building hasn't been discovered yet.
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  2. Hello. I Belive i have the best and Most ridiculous bug in this game. Belive it or Not but at my breakdown Level 19 game are no spawning zombies any more. I mean the Streets are empty. Realy!!! I thought...ok Maybe there Come sooner or later...but there wont. There are no zombies if i Drive a car or shoot without silencer. I couldn Belive this Garbage and did the ultimate test. I Took my M27 cal.50 and walk around. But nothing Happens. So... either i survived the state of decay zombie apocalypse and save the world alone with my 5 survivors ( a big thank you to kilohana, you was the best) or....this is the most ridiculous bug in the history of state of decay because!!!!!.....what is a zombie survival game without surviving from zombies?!?! In this Moment right know i install the game New and load my savegame from the xbox cloud and hope it Works some how. I mean its happening since the End of Level 18 and Not all the time. (Sorry for the Bad english im from germany)
  3. Dunadain

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    Yay! You won!
  4. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    No worries on your English. :) I understood everything (and likely you'd laugh at my German) Have you cleared the cache on your Xbox lately? Try that and let me know if it helps.
  5. GT4671

    GT4671 Got Your Back

    The whistling box mines still don't attract the zombies, at all. This is an old bug. On levels 10-19 for Breakdown there are NO bloaters (but tons of screamers, as it should be based on the new challenges) unless there's a mission to kill them. There is still contact issues with the Big Bastard...if you back up and get close to him, but don't actually touch him with your vehicle, he acts as if he was hit. Imagine my shock when the vehicle blows up while backing up and not hitting him but merely getting close! Love the games....have had it all since they were first made, but the bugs are old and amazingly around after over 2 years.
  6. El Barto 227

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    Got a question, I only have the original version, not YOSE (Steam). I'm reinstalling it now after a long break, will I get the patch, or is it exclusive to YOSE?
  7. YojimBeau

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    The patch only applies to YOSE. The original SOD is no longer supported.
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    I thought so :( but thanks for the answer :)
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  9. spacemousetw

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    After use that old mod that can show infestation, I finally know how many of them.I mean, without the mod, I think I don't how many infestations surround us and just watch my people getting sick one by one.That's not funny...:(
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  10. You guys should add in more character interaction like if you have someone follow you make them ask questions like about sports and best memory or tell about there life before shit hit the fan instead of traits that don't really help...or in that case too make new traits that can help out in the enviorment
  11. GoldenLight

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    A great mod, very helpful.
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  12. osamaclees

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    can you install parts of the patch? i wouldnt mind having the fixes (honestly just the mood fix would be sweet) but i do not want the breakdown changes
    I play breakdown as a sandbox, dont care for score or leader board, just like to lie on the floor and chill and loot (god i love looting!)
    xbox one

    sorry if dumb question but you can choose not to install right?
  13. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    You can uninstall but it's not recommended, and no you cannot download part of the update, if there were console mods, then yes. :)
  14. Any new DLC in the works? I love SoD and it's ridiculous the amount of hours I log into this game. For example, if I lose a community member who I feel is a main character in my Brain's SoD tv show then I immediately start over. But yeah back to my question, anyway you guys over at UL gonna give us word from Highroad and Greyhound One's Command Post 'Black Friday'? I wanna know what Thomas Horn's research blossomed into.

    Lmao also it's be cool if Maya Torres would somehow be tied with Alicia Hawkes and Kilohana Young seeing as they all have ties with Afghanistan mentioned in-game. It's be cool to add Maya to the ranks of Greyhound One.
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  15. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Nope. SOD is officially done and the team is working on their next great project.

    Hopefully we'll get some news on this in the near future. :)
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  16. on E3 in june
  17. Still no fix for character icons being wrong? Selecting Liana gives me a male model. It is supposed to be the girl with the Xbox shirt. Supposably this is because if you transfer the game from one save hard drive to another it thinks you're cheating. And apparently it's due to the system thinking I'm cheating so that messes with the models of the characters. Way to go on that one Undead Labs. My game is forever broken
  18. CaptainAssassin

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    No, there's no fix for it. Just like there was no fix for it 10 days ago, or a month ago, and there likely never will be if SoD2 encompasses their entire production schedule. They've ceased support for the original SoD, and there will be no further DLC for YOSE. IIRC any debugging for the previous games is down to fatal errors only— of which an wrong icon/model problem likely doesn't qualify.
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  19. Did someone tried run the game from an external HDD(7400rpm) or SSD?
    Could it help on the framrate drop issues?
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  20. Finally get level 99+ in Breakdown but honestly don't have ANY pleasure to doing this.. Difficult is INSANE (DAMAGE!!!), also version XBOne have serious glitches, sometimes you cannot enter to Savini base no matter what, even if is complete empty (you can enter only if you spotted infestation at this place and clear them) You can't hit opponents when too many appear (of course zombies hit you, you DON'T), when you build some of facility you cant upgrade them properly because say very strange "not enough labor" (arrow is red, only help, if you exit game and quick return from load), also sometimes game simply could crash, framedrop issues, and many, many more..
    ... but no matter what, still is a massive and EPIC game for me :/
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