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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Ohh a zombie! *kicks, gets foot stuck in it's stomach*
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  2. I found the kick actually useful. You roll through a zed, kick it from behind, then execute.
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  3. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Amelia Crasman: SoD Melee and unarmed expert.

    I can't wait to see a video of you tearing everything apart with those knives. :p
  4. LOL, I want to stab them all day! Wait we talkin about zombies?

    I'm so adding that to my signature:p
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  5. Sexmachine

    Sexmachine Here To Help

    Music to my ears!!! Thanks UL!!
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  6. Vanilla

    Vanilla Here To Help

    This is great news!
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  7. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Arrgghh! release date.....approaching. ...too slowly...death imminent.
  8. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron would take 03 to the future in order to try YOSE, however, 03's anatomy is not compatible with time travel. :(
  9. Exotic Charm

    Exotic Charm Starting Off

    The wait is torture, but after visiting with the devs at PAX South awhile back I'm more hyped than ever. My spring/summer is about to be infested with zombies.
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  10. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

  11. J.S. Coolen

    J.S. Coolen Got Your Back

    When you already own the game, will you have to buy it again? Or is this another update?
  12. I remember, June 5th 2013: The shivers, the chill and shear beauty that ran down my spine that day are unparalleled. And ever since, I have had those same shivers every day that I`ve played it. Only when you feel the fire that roars, the ice that screams, only then have you played State of Decay - The best game ever made! Almost brings a tear to my eye (,:
  13. firefighter1137

    firefighter1137 Starting Off

    I like the trailer. This has been the best single player game on my 360, cant wait to buy for xbox 1, only thing that sucks is not getting a discount on a physical copy. I like my collection of cds.
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  14. dying waiting game , I want to play right now, I have since leaving for the 360 and clear that what I get for my xbox one , just have a question . Can I make downloading of digital game days before? normally takes up one day to install a game !!! greetings from Mexico .

    (muero por la espera del juego , quiero jugarlo ahora mismo , lo tengo desde que salió para 360 y claro que lo tendré para mi xbox ONE , sólo una pregunta. Puedo hacer la descarga digital del juego días antes ? normalmente toma un día para instalar un juego !!! saludos desde México .)
  15. What's the info on the 33% off for users who had SoD before?

    EDIT: I see the fine print now. When purchasing through the Xbox/Steam store (where you previously played)
  16. PhDPeddler

    PhDPeddler Here To Help

    I just now seen the trailor on my xbox one...big screen. It looks sooooo good.
  17. Jmababa

    Jmababa Got Your Back

    Staying on PC for this cause the best reason is Pc is modable and xbox 1 ain't modable. I can kick those ugly white tents out and change it with cammo just have to remod that again in YOSE + I can seperate my melee, gun and cardio specializations in PC might not need remoding in YOSE. And the best mod ever that ive seen but have to remod again in YOSE the bridge to Mt. Tanner you can drive cars on it now.
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  18. Any news on if our saved games from the previous version will transfer to YOSE?
  19. Exotic Charm

    Exotic Charm Starting Off

    I'm pretty sure it was said that you can transfer them over, but don't quote me on that. Even if you couldn't I would be fine with it. I plan on starting over to get the full experience.
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  20. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Yes. :)
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