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    1. If the facilities from Lifeline are going to the main game, then the option to enhance the amount of wits gained might be an option in the bed area. I know you can gain wits with surveying but it's a tiny bit. Other than that I'd say try to max out the wits of only a couple of characters you want to be scavengers. That's what I primarily do.

    2. Can't answer that. It'd be cool if new campsites were added.
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    Not in the base game, it wasn't designed to be played forever. Breakdown is where the looting is endless and you can max away...

    No new locations/campsites/buildings/etc. are being added to either of the maps.

    Geoff elaborated on this in the last Twitch-stream. Facilities like the Latrine and the Generator have not been added to the base game or Breakdown in YOSE. But a few ancillary features of pre-existing facilities will be added (i.e. the ability to make ammo in the workshop, making snacks, etc.).
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    The Wits increase was part of the bunk facility. It could be added into it.
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    Didn't you need the Generator facility for it to work? Reading lights?
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    You're right. Needed the gas generator or the solar panels for the reading lights for the wits boost. damn
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    ...and besides, the Library facility (in vanilla & Breakdown) already covers the Wits boost. Also, the Infirmary covers the illness problem, so the Latrine doesn't have any benefit outside of Lifeline either.
  7. 1. I'm unsure.

    2. If I remember correctly from when I went to P.S., this was a question brought up and Geoffrey said there wasn't any new structures or campsites, but there were updated and new textures.
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    Pre-ordered my sod for xbox one...... now waiting for the multiplayer news?????
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    They have mentioned several times (including before the original game was released) that there won't be multiplayer in this one. It would take practically an entire rewrite of the code since the final product was never built around it. Future installations, on the other hand, appear to undoubtedly have a multiplayer focus.

    That's what I gathered from the Twitch streams at least.
  10. This is great finally SOD is finally gonna be relased on XB1, with new weapons and a gun with a ever laating supressor! Also what do you gusy mean by an unbreakable knife?
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    Instead of when you lose your primary combat weapon you just kick, now you use a knife. The knife will never go away, but it isn't any good on crowds.
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    Imma stream the hell out of this game when it comes out hahahaha. That's how much I love it!
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    So we can't kick anymore, but can we still do that drop kick move that knocks zeds off their feet? Guess I'll find out soon enough. SO CLOSE
  14. Kick is still available, it's just not the default no weapon attack animation.

    Sweep Kick is still in there too, that's the Reflexes trait's skill.
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    I just think the new knife combat just looks so damned cool. Like, really freaking cool.

    So hyped. HRRRG. Thank goodness Friday and Monday (next Monday) are public holidays where I live. I'm going to lock myself in my baseme- luxury apartment and play State of Decay all night/day long while drinking Dr Pepper and eating Cheetos.
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    Nothin better than rippin some SoD covered in Cheetos dust
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    The kick is still there... (different button). The difference is, the melee button will now be a knife attack when no weapon is equipped.
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    What button is it? Halo 4 had a switch in the MCC and was changed from RB to the B button.
  19. CaptainAssassin

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    I could've worded that better— the kick button hasn't changed, but it is a different button from the unarmed/knife attack.
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    T-minus 80 minutes til release. I got a bad case of the shakes and I'm sweating like crazy. Need my fix maaan
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