[YOSE WEAPON MOD] Semi-Auto Firemode set as default for firearms

Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Last Post, May 5, 2015.

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    Semi-Auto Firemode set as default for firearms:
    ( Assault Rifles, Sub-MachineGuns, Light-MachineGuns, Auto-Pistols )

    Copyright: '© 2013 Undead Labs LLC. All Rights Reserved.’
    Created by Last Post

    LATEST VERSION: 1.0_yose
    CREATED: 2015-05-02 17:26 UTC
    Tested and works on UndeadLabs patch released on : 2015-04-29 ( ProductVersion: )

    Non-YOSE version is available at this link : NON-YOSE bidness! :p

    VERSION 1.0_yose
    : not available.
    @Google-Drive: yose_SemiAutoDefaultFiremode_v1.zip

    WHAT IS IN VERSION 1.0_yose?
    This is the YOSE (Year One Survival Edition) version of this weapon mod.
    This may not be compatible with the non-YOSE version, because it contains
    new YOSE firearms.


    In the original un-modded game, if a firearm supports multiple firemodes, it will always default to fully-auto or burst mode.

    This mod changes the first (default) firemode to semi-automatic (also known as single-fire).

    EXAMPLE of change:
    Original unmodded firearm firemode cycle: Fully-Auto > Burst > Semi-Auto
    This mod changes it to: Semi-Auto > Burst > Fully-Auto

    The affected firearms are:
    Assault Rifles,

    This mod also adds semi-auto firemode to all the light-machineguns.
    (in the original game, light-machineguns do not have semi-auto firemode.)

    Every bullet is precious in the zombie apocalypse.
    Make 'em count!

    Supported Version:
    - State of Decay Year One Survival Edition
    - State of Decay: Breakdown Year One
    - State of Decay: Lifeline Year One
    - does not require a new game to be started:
    existing savegames will work with this mod.

    - If your mods uses the same xml files that are in this mod, conflicts will occur, and neither your mod or this mod will work properly.

    You will need to install it manually.

    Download the zipfile.

    Get the folder location of where YOSE was installed to, by following the steps below:
    Start your STEAM client, then login to your account,
    select LIBRARY tab,
    right-click on "State of Decay: Year One" and select "Properties",
    select LOCAL FILES tab,
    your 'State of Decay YOSE' folder will now be opened for you.

    Unzip/extract all files from the downloaded zipfile, to the following folder (the folder which you had opened just now):
    NOTE: X means the location where you had installed Steam.
    X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE

    After its unzipped, check the following folders to make sure that the files
    found inside the zipfile are inside these folders.

    README file:
    1 file in total inside this folder:
    X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE\__README\README-yose-semi-auto_default_firemode-V1.txt

    LIFELINE yose files:
    81 files in total inside this folder:
    X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE\Game\scripts\class3_2\entities\items\xml\

    State of Decay yose and BREAKDOWN yose files:
    81 files in total inside this folder:
    X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE\Game\scripts\entities\items\xml\weapons\

    Now go shoot them zeds in State of Decay YOSE!

    Cheers and enjoy!
    Last Post

    Notice to MODDERS:
    If you wish to use this mod with your own mod,
    please inform me directly of your intention at the undeadlabs forums.
    You are free to use this mod, but only if you mention Last Post in your credits, readme files.
    Thank you very much!
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  2. Griffonclaw39

    Griffonclaw39 Here To Help

    THANK YOU! This is awesome. UNH!
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  3. Last Post

    Last Post Got Your Back

    Very much appreciated Griffonclaw39!
    This was my very first mod for the original SOD in 2013.
    I'm glad to be back after taking a very long break since last year.
    Now busy fixing bugs for the rest of my other mods.

  4. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Welcome back, LP! Honestly, I thought Griffonclaw39 had committed necromancy on one of your threads from aeons ago. Good to see you're back. :)
  5. Welcome back LP!

    Now how about that grappling hook? That was my fav mod of yours :D
  6. Great mod.
    I can't wait to play with your masterclock add-on!
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