Your approach to base management currently?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by futurehermit, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Just wondering about how folks are managing their base right now?

    I've played around with a few different approaches, but have hit on one I am enjoying. I'm on breakdown level 18. When I start a level, I find a rucksack of materials, so I can set up at the farm. I focus on the following:

    1. Build and upgrade watchtower asap. Activate shooting accelerator.
    2. Build and upgrade workshop to munitions shop asap (I play with a house rule of requiring a chemist, as that seems to have been intended, so sometimes this can take a bit).
    3. Build a library and research ammo production asap. Followed by advanced stims and fuel production.
    4. Build a medical area and upgrade x2 asap. Produce lvl 1 then lvl 2 stims.
    5. Have the built-in storage area eventually converting food to fuel. Playing around with getting the upgraded molotovs, but depends on whether I have a researcher or not to plow through the research priorities. Also playing around with flame fougasses (jugs) and incendiary rounds (shotguns) a bit.
    6. Have the built-in kitchen building first a mix of coffee/snacks and then straight snacks, while cycling in big meal/feast as necessary.
    7. Built-in bedroom x2 means can host 16 followers nicely, but I play to get as many followers as possible, so I just deal with the negative effects. I have the radio station perpetually looking for new followers.
    Only disappointment is I have to forgo a dojo until my research priorities are complete. I've been considering scrapping the adv stims and fuel as unnecessary to get the dojo going sooner. Will have to see how that goes next time.

    My strategy is to get my main followers to focus fire quickly, find good assault rifle/smgs for them, and produce a lot of the ammo they will need. I find that ferals are the ones that I die to 9x out of 10, and I find focus fire the most reliable counter to them. Also really good for managing jugs (although I'm having fun with flame fougasses, they're just heavy). Fighting seems to max out on its own pretty quickly, but I would like the stamina boost from the fitness area/dojo. Last game though I had >30 followers and no fitness expert so :shrug:

    As I was learning this game, it was common for me to have 100s of influence in reserve. But now with focusing on pumping out supplies from my base a lot more diligently, I'm usually at or near 0 influence. So, I'm feeling like I'm doing better at investing my influence.

    The other thing is that I'm particularly focusing on having my kitchen pumping first a mix of coffee/snacks then snacks. I use the coffee until stims come online in the medical lab. I load up my followers with snacks and focus a lot more on running to boost cardio. I always feel like I'd like to raise cardio, but it ends up feeling like a chore/luxury. By carrying around as much snacks as I can carry though, and being a bit more intentional about it, it's getting easier to deal with. By getting focus fire asap that helps too, as I'm not as concerned about running into a feral or two as I'm running around (jugs are easy enough to just run away from if necessary).

    To help with the ammo production, I focus on setting up my outposts in ammo spots around the map. Gun shops x 2, police station, large building near the fair (where you get the explosives in the main story), and usually the one shop near the gas station in the residential area near the fairground (the one with the weapons/ammo area in the back of the story behind a gate -- this one is more hit and miss). Also, the barn near the farm, which usually has materials. With 4-5 ammo outposts that is usually enough, along with scavenging, to keep the bullet production flowing nicely. It is also convenient to have an outpost in each main area to assist with scavenging.


    The other approach I'm considering is going more roleplaying where I pick my base and upgrades more so based on my follower's abilities and personalities. However, I just can't justify ever building a garden at these low levels, as every time I have more food than I know what to do with... :) Looking forward to higher breakdown levels.
  2. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    I do something similar, but I use Snyder's. Having 4 strategically placed outposts nearby eliminates the threat of hordes, and typically gives the materials needed. Then I cycle through the other 4 to make safer scavenging areas. (First in downtown Marshall, then at the Fairgrounds, and then finally in Spencer's Mill.) I posted some threads with tips on building fame and NPC management, feel free to read through those to see if you want to incorporate any of that.
  3. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    I use Snyder's with outposts set for 2 ammo, 2 building supplies, 3 food and 1 floating outpost

    When starting a new game or level in BD I always build a medical area first then a watchtower
    My kitchen only does Feast and snacks cause to me coffee is a waste of time and resources. If I have to use a tired survivor (which is super rare) I use trucker pills or better.
    Munitions shop pumps out 7.62, 5.56, 40, 44 and 45 cal ammo plus pipe bombs

    I don't worry about fame or influence..... I always have way more than I can ever use. :)
  4. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    Which base I go to depends on how long I want to stay on the map: for regular levels where I don't plan on staying that long, I'll go to the Savini House, but if I'm wanting to stay for a long time (or create a sustainable community), I'll go to Snyder's Trucking warehouse. Both bases can be easily secured with outposts and are located near great scavenging locations. I can create a large outpost zone of protection to keep my people safe while also picking the best outpost locations for resource management.

    Base: Savini's

    Outposts: typically 2 ammo, and 3-4 construction. Sometimes I may have 1 outpost be food or medicine, but I always try to have at least 2 ammo and 3 construction. Generally I do the gun store and one of the houses in front of Savini's (to get construction or ammo, usually), the construction building across from Snyder's, Ma's Corner store (typically food or medicine), and the construction building that's in the middle of Ma's and that one near Snyder's. Then, depending on what I need, I'll either put one in the house under construction up the hill, the abandoned building behind Savini's, or the police station in Marshalls. Basically I'm trying to have my outposts provide a large safe zone and give me the best benefits.

    Facilities: Savini's already has beds, a library, kitchen, and a watchtower, so I'll build a medical lab, a dojo, and a munitions shop. With less than 8 people, this ensures my survivors have a 20% boost to stamina (10% from a good night's rest, 10% from just having the fitness center), and the great chances of not getting sick (as well as healing quick). I use the medical lab to make medicine, especially if I go over the resource limit. These are very helpful in later levels. I use the munitions shop to crank out ammo and sometimes steel pipe bombs (or at least when I'm getting ready to leave). I generally don't make snacks or medicine--the rucksacks I bring in deposit enough snacks for me.

    Base Supplies: I keep my base supplies high, especially food, medicine and ammo. You get extra snacks from the simulation if you have plenty of food at home, so I always get 6 added to my game when I log in. Fuel I'm always burning through (love incendiary shotgun shells), so that's always low. I always leave the valley with less than 5 so that I can carry it forward in the next level. Construction supplies I sometimes keep nearby and deposit before logging off. I also always keep a couple spare rucksacks nearby if I need to quickly raise someone's mood.

    Storage Locker: I keep this lean, especially with weapons and backpacks. I only keep the weapons I know I will use-- typically less than 20 melee and 20 guns. All others go to other enclaves. When I find high influence weapons that I won't use, I'll use the storage inventories in various vehicles around the map and then deposit them when I need them. This ensures I don't waste influence, that I have a way to get influence when I need it, and it keeps my storage locker lean.

    Survivors: I keep a small crew--typically just the 7. Sometimes I have fewer than that. I prefer to always have at least a medical expert and counselor at a minimum, followed by construction. The others are nice perks, but nothing I look for.

    Specializations: Edged weapon, rifle, and shotgun. Sometimes I do a blunt weapon specialist, but I rarely use any of the other specializations anymore. As far as special techniques, I'll do combat endurance (typically for melee), marathon for my shotgunners, and at least 1 ninja. I use the ninja to quietly & quickly get my outposts set up, my melee specialists with most of the scavenging in general, and gun specialists for getting points.

    If I go to Snyder's instead, I generally have the same outpost set-up where I cover the west side of Marshall and then the last one either the police station in Marshall or the Grange. I might have one outpost that I move around, but I generally prefer them near the base where the scavengers are at. If I build at Snyder's, I'll always start with the shooting platform, medical lab, dojo, library, kitchen, and munitions shop. Sometimes I'll replace the library with a greenhouse (especially if I've already built up a large supply of the medicine and/or want to stay on the map for a long time).
  5. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Yeah, that was my typical strategy prior to the current farm strategy. I think it is quite optimal and commonly used. I read the fame one and it is interesting. Got me thinking more about fame and how it is collected and what its purpose is. I don't love the idea of constantly rebuilding cheap buildings though, as it feels like an exploit. :)

    I never used to use tired survivors either, but recently have taken to pushing some to the limit early on to get them maxed, especially in key areas (wits, shooting, powerhouse/reflexes). I usually push them until at least 60% tired before swapping them. Coffee is easy/reliable to produce in bulk and therefore great for managing at 20% tired. What I like about trucker pills/modanfil is that they fill someone at 40% tired to max, whereas coffee/stims only takes them back to 20%. So, I save trucker pills/modanfil for managing at 40% tired. At 60% tired, I'll use the call-in with Lily to get back to 100% to get home, or push my luck if I also happen to have Pastor Will's version in reserve. Doing it this way, I've found I can max out a few survivors early on and use them for key situations as things progress. For example, I find max-wits to be most important for cleo drops. Use grenades or whatever to clear a hole in the mob and get in and super quickly disarm the drop. From there, it's just a matter of running away and coming back or clearing out the remaining horde if it's manageable :)

    What I love so much about this game is that it's about systems, and I love exploring them. I'm kind of loving managing tiredness in the way I've described. :)

    @MrsFish no love for heavy weapons? I find the spin-attack pretty handy, and the finisher animation when the zombie is on the ground is pretty sweet :D I hear you on edged though. Edged is pretty sweet. I start fresh every breakdown level though, so edged weapons are usually in short supply -- usually only enough for a couple edged specialists (1 early on, 2 mid-game, maybe 3-4 end game). I never really thought of using rifle/shotgun specialists for point-getting, but that makes sense. I never really worry about my score, just beating the level, but I can see how those would be handy, if focusing on points. I'm playing around more these days with shotguns. Still not seeing the risk-reward proposition on them, but am still learning, so we'll see :)
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  6. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    I give my gun specialists a light heavy weapon (ex: hockey stick) for the quick finisher move, but I don't really specialize in heavy weapons anymore. At least not my core Breakdown group. Sometimes I do it in the story game for fun though, or if I do recruit someone in Breakdown that I won't keep. In the original State of Decay (before YOSE), I primarily specialized in heavy weapons because of the low sweep (which could chop the legs off of--and thus kill-- like 6+ zeds in one go). I go do a low sweep, roll, do another sweep, and kill countless zeds. I spent hundreds of hours doing that low sweep. Then they nerfed that in YOSE, and I lost interest in heavy weapons. Mostly out of bitterness, even though I kind of agree it was a little too powerful. The spin is still pretty cool though-- I just never have liked it enough to pick it over edged. I'm still open to it though, so maybe one day I'll swing back to a heavy weapon preference.

    I can understand the apprehension for using shotgun specializations. If you aren't overly concerned about how many points you are earning, they might be too dangerous to use because of how much noise they make. That's why I give mine the marathon trait--sometimes you got to RUN like crazy.
  7. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Yeah, I've read now a couple of times about linking marathon to shotguns, which makes a lot of sense. Now I just have to have the patience and diligence to max out cardio on some survivors :D If I kept my survivors from level to level, I would do more edged for sure. The low sweep with edged that 1HK's zombies is really great. It's just hard finding durable edged weapons. I end up with a lot of blunt specialists just because of how plentiful durable blunt weapons are. I like to give heavy to my powerhouses though. Lately I've been giving my powerhouses shove, double kill, and heavy. Double kill is not very reliable, but when I'm shoving, double-killing, spinning, and crushing skulls with the downward finisher with zeds on the ground, they just look incredibly badass :D
  8. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    My first couple levels I scavenge pretty much the entire map to max out a couple survivors' wits and to find good weapons. That's how I find some good, durable edged weapons. I've had good luck finding the level 5 machine blades in various construction buildings, as well as in CLEO drops.

    Blunt weapons can be fun--I especially love the uppercut (especially knocking ferals down).

    Have you ever tried the wrestling slam with the powerhouse? You can suplex or do a slam that kills them on impact. I love picking up a screamer or armored zed and them slamming them on the ground and watching them. Powerhouses are such badasses.
  9. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Yeah, I normally get pro wrestling. It is one of the more broken abilities in the game imo :D Not like combat roll, of course, but really powerful. Really can take out a ton of zeds in succession with it. Upper cut is pretty frickin' fun. I haven't been brave enough to try it with ferals, but will have to attempt at some point.

    I agree with your approach of scavenging the map for good weapons in the earlier levels. I'm just really getting a kick out of starting every level fresh right now. Those opening moments where I'm like "how am I going to get myself set up with these untrained novices" is pretty intense, and satisfying.
  10. MrFish

    MrFish Got Your Back

    Right now I'm working on a plan for how I strip maps in Breakdown. Currently it's looking like the following:

    1. Move in to Kirkman Residence, build watchtower, infirmary, and strap and scrap a few beds to build fame before building storage facilities.

    2. Loot Spencer's Mill and surrounding countryside, focusing on getting runners in for double resources on the last rucksack.

    3. Once Spencer's Mill has been stripped, move to the Fair Grounds to do the same thing to Fairfield, building facilities along the way to start converting fuel to incendiary shells and ammo to 40mm grenades and firecrackers.

    4. Eventually move to Snyder's, build 3 munition shops and a library and grind out all the fuel, ammo, and medicine on the map before moving on.

    The plan is going to change at some point when I decide to switch from farming ammo to sustaining myself on a level, or grinding levels out by just rushing the RV.
  11. Byerly724

    Byerly724 Here To Help

    For maxing wits faster do the stealth kill technique, crouching faced away from zeds till they’re about in melee range then do a finisher. Counts as stealth and gives incredibly fast wits. Can maximize it in a few hordes if you get good.

    My favorite home is at Trumbull country fairgrounds(due to living near the real one.) outposts- 2x beds, infirmary, munitions shop, and greenhouse.

    Outposts: Meds, Ammo, and food in that order

    Reflex survivor : spin kick, instant counter(I’d rather roll then leapfrog)
    Weapon choice: whichever gun fits personality ( I can melee fine with reflexes)
    Special ability: either combat endurance or focus aim(for juggernaut missions)

    Powerhouse: power kick, pro wrestling
    Weapon choice: heavy sweep
    Special skill: ninja
    These are my scavengers (although rage+wrestling is amazing for combat)

    I try to keep my skilled laborers at home as much as possible unless I have a back up.

    I also try for 2 outposts being used to safely scavenge an area.

    I never like using kirkmans, or the Alamo As both are out classed by other homes in same areas. (Still wish the fire station was a base)
  12. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    I'm a big fan of both kirkman's and alamo. I find they are nice early on if I have early access to chemistry (+research is even better). I play with self-imposed rule of needing a chemist to go munitions shop. What I like about kirkman's and alamo farmhouse that there is space for library + munitions shop AND you can get the accelerated shooting from a built and upgraded watchtower. Between the early ammo production and shooting accelerator, it really gives you the ability to go heavy on the guns early on and get folks set up with early focus fire. Focus fire + automatic weapons = fear nothing imo. Dual ferals running at you? No prob. Just slow time and take them out. Only downside is having to give up dojo until your research needs are complete.

    Savini's would be optimal, but not being able to upgrade the treehouse means no shooting accelerator. You get the dojo though, so depends on your preference I guess. I spend a lot of time at Savini's too. Nice and defensible and lots of easy access to scavenging.
  13. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    I used to start with Alamo, loot downtown, then move to Snyder's. It's easier just to gather your 10+ people at the RV then move to Snyder's. (Either recruit an enclave, or have Lily successfully call out for survivors twice.) One of the *very* first things I do is to search the gas station (food or fuel) and the industrial supply shop across the street (materials) from Snyder's so I can get those two outposts set up right after the move. Then I set one up in the windowed warehouse just north of the house next door to Savini's (sometimes food, sometimes fuel, sometimes empty), and the similar one on the opposite side of town (materials). (There's two there, grab the one that's farther from Snyder's.) This gives you a good firewall against hordes.

    The other four outposts get moved around.

    Two at the fairgrounds - the barn (materials) and the warehouse (materials) with windows that's southeast of the concession shop until the fairgrounds are looted, then move those.

    For downtown, I typically grab the car dealership (ammo), construction site (materials), tavern next to the courthouse (food), and the large office building north of the Alamo (materials).

    For Spencer's Mill, I set up outposts at the gun shop (ammo), the house on the corner east of the public restrooms (food or medicine), and the one house two doors down from the construction site across from Kirkman's. (food)

    After Spencer's Mill, I move all of them to the residential areas south and west of Snyder's. Typically trying to cover the corners so all of the roads are Horde free, until I'm done scavenging those houses and then ready to head to the RV.

    I think the best place to have the RV break down is at the Grange. Set up the two outposts at the Grange and the Warehouse there and you're safe for a while. There's times when both of those have materials. When you're ready to move, call the scavengers to both places for the last rucksacks of materials. Head over to Snyder's, and as soon as both those get deposited, move the base.
  14. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Nice! I spaced and thought the Alamo was the farmhouse. I don't mind the Alamo. Defensible at least. Doesn't offer a lot in terms of base upgrades though. I usually just do beds, medic, and workshop until I'm ready to move on.

    I like the Grange as a starting location too. Worst is near the Wilkersons'. I also like spawning next to the fairgrounds = early access to good weapons, if you're careful.
  15. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    A good tip for gaining influence if you have a few survivors, is every so often, strip them of there gun an melee weapons and they automatically take them back out (that doesn't cost influence) and you gain the influence putting them back in. If I find my "influence" survivors haven't taken anything simply exit, then continue again and usually one or more now have a gun and melee to put back in the locker. I'm level 88 atm and since I started using this system in my homebase I'm awash with influence and rarely need to keep collecting weapons to sell to an enclave therefore freeing up my diminishing vehicle count free storage slots. My set up is very similar to yours, esp the making the shooting platform a priority to focus aim train new survivors asap. I like the farm but only having the one outpost for hoards in the eighties levels is risky. I'm forever getting "hoard attacking home" pop ups. So as I am trying to get to 99 as fast as humanly possible, now Iv plenty ammo, meds etc manufactred, I tend to stick with savinis (when the dam glitch stopping access there allows me that is). Anyway if you knew the influence farming tip I apologize for repeating to u, but if not, hope it helps.
  16. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    I got placed on the road to the Wilkersons' house two levels in a row recently. :mad:

    Got the helicopter crash site by the Fairgrounds this last time. Not a bad spot, as I wound up putting my first two outposts where I'd normally place two of them at some point anyway.
  17. GameOver21

    GameOver21 Starting Off

    I generally start out at Savini's or Kirkman's when beginning a new level of breakdown. I build a medical facility and workshop until I gain a big enough population to move to Snyder's Trucking. I've tried every home base but that's my preferred location. I then begin with medical, watchtower, dojo. Then a library to research and advance other facilities. After maxing all facilities, I'll destroy the library and build either a garden or 2nd workshop. Having a 2nd workshop advanced into a munitions shop, can double the output of suppressors, box mines, pipe bombs etc. I don't waste time with a bunkhouse since sleep deprivation never affected my community. Even with only 8 beds and a population of +16. Snyder's offers great protection if you space out the outposts strategically. I try to keep my survivors well balanced in terms of specialties. I usually keep two ninjas as my main scavengers. If i choose melee as a specialty i go for Combat endurance. I can confirm shotgun and marathon work great together but using shotguns at higher levels isn't ideal.

    Tips for influence.

    • Since ammo cap is set at 60, I was always disappointed to have way more ammo than I could carry from breakdown levels. Even stocking up every survivor before the RV load up, i'd still have a huge excess amount. I spent the time scavenging it, you best believe im going to use it lol. I decided to start stocking trunks of the cars I use with ammo and various items, instead of the supply locker after i reached the cap. You don't gain influence from this method but you don't have to spend it to get it back out later on, if you are in a pinch. You can always do this with weapons or guns since they are high priced for influence. Before i leave for the next level of breakdown, I take a survivor, a few guns, all the ammo from the trunks and just exterminate every zed I come across. It makes scavenging all the ammo and items worthwhile in the end. Otherwise it's just a number in your inventory. Plus state of decay 2 is right around the corner, what are you saving up for anyways :D

    • Del44ZSlayer mentioned this partly above. I use this method as it builds the best rate of influence in my opinion. If you find an enclave of survivors you don't plan on recruiting, build their trust level to max, but don't recruit them. Deposit any items you don't need into their supply locker. This works great with melee weapons and guns since they give you the highest value in return. I hit the cap early in my breakdown playthrough, so I always come across multiples of guns I already own, or ones that aren't worth keeping. The enclaves locker resets every day so you never have to worry about filling it to the max.
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